Take Healthcare Classes Online to Obtain These 8 Careers in 2021

Online healthcare classes can offer a fast-track into the field with little time and financial commitment. These eight careers we’ll cover in the guide below can all be acquired through online classes, with little to no clinical training. Each of these jobs is in demand as well, with the healthcare industry itself growing every year.

Let’s dive into these careers. If you’re thinking about taking healthcare classes online, now is the time to do it! The industry is growing into 2021 and beyond. 

1. Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for helping the pharmacist in the daily operation of the pharmacy. This entry-level medical career can be obtained through just under a year of training for a certification, or around two years for an associate’s degree. Depending on the program, you can gain your certification in just ten months. 

You’ll help label, package, and measure medications, interact with patients and customers (in a retail pharmacy setting), clean and organize shelves and medication stores, take down information, submit paperwork, and more.

For more information on pharmacy techs, visit the BLS page here

2. Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants are a crucial component of a functional healthcare facility. They take on various administrative duties, such as filing and collecting paperwork and co-payments, answering phones and directing patients, and more. You can find work in physician’s offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, among others.

If you want to become a medical administrative assistant, you can obtain a diploma in about 11-12 months, or earn your associate’s degree. This is another entry-level medical career, but it’s quick to get into and MAA’s are in high demand.

3. CNA

Certified nursing assistants are the first stepping-stone in the career path to becoming an RN. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to start as a CNA, but it does give you invaluable clinical experience. You’ll be responsible for helping the LPNs and RNs with patient care; everything from bathing and dressing patients, to helping them eat and walk, and everything in between.

Most CNAs can obtain their certification entirely online in under a year. For more information on CNA careers, visit the BLS page here

4. LPN

Becoming a licensed practical nurse can grant you a position between CNA and RN. LPNs or LVNs can also gain their certifications online, but most programs will require you to gain some hands-on experience. 

LPNs are also in demand and expected to grow by about 9% through 2029; much faster than average. Last year, there were about 721,000 LPN/LVN jobs throughout the country. You can find more information on growth and job outlook/salary here

5. Medical Biller/Coder

Medical billing and coding is an important part of the medical billing process. Coders translate medical documents into standardized codes so that proper invoices can be sent out to insurance companies and co-payers. 

You can earn a billing and coding certification in just a few months, sometimes in as little as 10-11 months, depending on the program. As a biller and coder, you’ll be on the frontlines of the billing process, responsible for ensuring that codes are input correctly, invoices are sent, and payments are issued. You’ll have to follow-up, verify information, and keep patient information private. It’s a lot of responsibility, but a rewarding career nonetheless. 

6. EMT

You can take an online EMT-B course to get you into emergency medicine quickly and affordably. In most cases, EMT courses cost less than $2,000, and can take fewer than four months to complete. Enrollment is simple and you can usually make payments on your courses if you can’t afford them outright.

EMT’s are responsible for transporting patients between medical facilities. Private ambulance work doesn’t usually involve servicing car accidents and other major events, but you’ll still be responsible for proper care and filling out paperwork on every patient. 

7. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapists work with cancer patients in nuclear medicine to administer radiation and other treatments. This is a career with a lot of responsibility and reward, and is in high demand. Entry-level positions usually only require an associate’s degree, which takes about 21-24 months to complete. There are some fast-track programs available, but your coursework will likely take longer than one year to complete.

Radiation therapists can start at about $80,000 per year, depending on your area and where you work. For more information on this career path, visit the BLS website

8. Surgical Technologist

Surgical techs help prep the surgery room, sanitize utensils, and assist the surgical team in anything they need before, during, and after the operation. This is a thrilling job, and you’ll likely get a first-hand look at the surgical process itself. 

Surgical technologists are in high demand, growing by about 7% over the next decade. You can find salary information here