Spa Treatment Trends

There’s nothing like the relaxation a spa can provide. There’s just something about sitting back and relaxing while someone else pampers you. It’s also the perfect way to prioritize health and wellness. When it comes to spa treatments, it seems there’s a new trend every few months. Spa owners love to offer their customers the latest and greatest experience in self-care. Here are just a few of the latest trends in spa treatments.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal treatments are one of those spa remedies that never really go out of style. In the past, herbals made an appearance in spas mostly in the form of essential oils and infusions. However, more spa lovers are finding the joys of using herbs in their raw forms. Herbal poultice treatments are making a huge splash on the spa scene. Poultices can help soothe aching muscles and refresh skin. These work well in massage treatments as well as other skin treatments. As a bonus, spas can offer locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable products.

Herbs can also be used to create refreshing infusions. These infusions are often used as toners to clarify or refresh the skin. Hair teas and facial masks are also popular ways to integrate herbals.

Here are a few of the most popular herbs for spa treatments:

  • Lemon balm–a natural astringent
  • Lavender–a soothing and antiseptic floral herb
  • Sage- for purification and cleansing
  • Mint–cooling and refreshing properties
  • Basil–known for its cleansing properties and herbal fragrance

Crystal Clarity

Healing crystals are coming back on trend as a popular spa treatment. Healing crystals might call to mind an image of something mystical, but their healing properties are known to help balance the mind and bring healing. Some crystal users believe they align the chakras. Whether it’s a placebo or a legitimate healing tool, one thing is for certain–crystals are back.

Crystals are especially popular with celebrities and west coast spas these days. Some spas infuse water with healing crystals. Others place crystals all around to allow their energy to permeate the space around the spa. Even if the healing crystals are touted for is simply psychological, there’s just something about being surrounded by beautiful crystals to make you feel grounded.

Here are a few favorite crystals for spa use:

  • Rose Quartz–discharging negative energy
  • Peridot–harness positive energy
  • Lapis Lazuli–protection and healing
  • Garnet–cardiovascular healing

Cannabis-Based Products

In the past few years, the taboo surrounding cannabis products has begun to fall away and cannabis is beginning to gain a lot of ground as a serious healing tool. No longer relegated to stoner flicks and earth mamas, cannabis healing has become a serious industry. From back-alley handshake sales to five-star Yelp-rated dispensaries, cannabis is serious business.

Spas are cashing in on CBD, the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cousin of THC. CBD oil is well documented for healing a wide range of ailments from seizures to pain. In the spa setting, CBD oils are often combined with other essential oils for additional healing and overall well-being. CBD is used in everything from lotions to salves to balms. It can help heal skin, aid in relaxation, ease headaches, and much more. For more information, visit what is cbd.

Salt Therapy

One of the newest trends in spa treatments is salt therapy. To take advantage of salt therapy, you simply sit in a room filled with Himalayan rock salt and breath in for a while. One of the biggest trends is the salt cave, a “cave” surrounded by tons of Himalayan rock salt. Often, rock salt lines the floor as well. The dry salt particles are believed to activate the body’s respiratory system.

Salt caves are often used for meditation and relaxation. Some spas also offer salt room massage. Salt therapy is said to add to an overall sense of well-being and bodily peace.