Something Terrific Happens When You Learn to Relax

Most of us don’t know how to relax therefore, we must teach each other. Aside from going to the spa houses and massage rooms, there are great ways in which to detox stress.

Meditation techniques

Just a few moments of your time every day helps to ease daily stresses and anxiety associated with the workplace. In fact, meditation should be a mandatory requirement for employees with particular demands and I’ll tell you why. Independent studies show that meditation exercises modifies the brain’s pathways and as a result, you remain calm and in control when life interrupts your perfect picture.

Simply sit up, making sure to straighten your back and with your feet flat on the floor, close your eyelids. Chant or silently recite meaningful phrases and affirmations while placing one hand on your tummy. What you’re doing is syncing the mantra with each breath you take. Don’t let anything distract you from escaping from the real world, not now!

Breathing exercises

This exercise is something you practice without even knowing it. When we are upset, we generally take a deep sigh after the confrontation is over or sometime during it. Taking deep breathes helps to calm the brain and clear the air. Use five minutes of your day to focus on breathing. Again, with eyes closed and hand on your stomach, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Can you feel it as the air moves away from your stomach and expand upward? By using deep breathing exercises you lower stress and blood pressure.

Take your time

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “take time to smell the roses,” and if you are, then are you doing it? Take a minute right now and notice the hair on your neck, or check out the way your ears stand out when you get excited. This behavior analysis puts you in touch with your senses.

Communicate your feelings

Having someone to vent with is priceless especially when they are an amazing listener. It doesn’t matter if you guys met in one of those free chat rooms online. Your friends are your best devices when it comes to restoring the soul. They have all kinds of tricks to make you forget your troubles, but you have to call them. Stay strong!

Get in touch with your body

Take notes and list any changes in your body at the end of the day so you can refer back to them. Our bodies send us signals, warning us of changes brought on by stress. Before going to bed, lie down so that you’re on your backside or if you prefer, you can sit up. Start from the tip of your toes and advance all the way up to the roots of your hair, scanning your body like an ex-ray machine.

Relaxing at work

How many times have we heard – hurry up and do this, hurry up and do that and do it now! Not to mention that it comes from all different levels – your boss, your co-workers and the customers. It seems that everybody wants something and at the same time, but let me tell you, it makes it difficult to focus on your duties at hand. Let’s try lowering your stress levels at work by using these few tips.

Substitute the caffeine with a smoothie or a protein shake. You know too much caffeine makes you jittery and irritable. You need balance in your life, not roller skates.

Delegate duties

We get so used to doing everything ourselves that we forget other people are capable of handling some of the smaller tasks for you. Delegating chores will relieve you of certain stresses that can upset your daily routine as well as ruin your day.

Set priorities and a schedule of work and extra activities that take up a lot of your time and assign those tasks to others. You may want to put a project or two on hold while you focus on a primary assignment.

Learn to say no

When people know they can count on you to take of business, they generally make you the first person they call on. This is a good feeling, but it can be overwhelming. It also can make you unreliable as well. Having too much on your plate can be bittersweet as you’re happy to have so many request, but having the time to do everything is questionable and doubtful. Sometimes, you end up disappointing the people who count on you when you should just say no.

Speak while smiling

Even when you are at odds with a co-worker or a customer, never let them hear you lose your cool. Keep smiling and showing courtesy and respect all while they are kicking and screaming. We are entitled to our feelings, but we are very much responsible for our actions and how we treat people. Continue to keep your cool.