Why You Should Choose Dhow Alexandra for Your Next Private Party

Special moments usually call for special celebrations. We all love celebrating our big days in style. One way you can do it is by chartering a Dhow. This is a particular type of boat that can accommodate various people and has several features like a restaurant on it. Most people usually refer to it as a floating restaurant.

Chartering a dhow is one of the best ways to celebrate your big day. One of the best places to have this kind of experience is Dubai. Alexandra Dhow Cruise service is one that will guarantee you that quality experience when you visit the country. They have a lot of things to offer on their long menu and also when it comes to entertainment.

You can host your private party there as you enjoy. They have two boats that can accommodate a fair number of people for your party. Taking a dhow cruise marina gives you the opportunity to dine as you enjoy with your friends. Here are reasons why you should choose Dhow Alexandra for your next private party.

Perfect Size

Dhow Alexandra has some of the best and big boats which can hold as many guests as you wish. They have the biggest dhows which can carry about 200 guests. Most of them are usually designed to carry a certain number of people. You should have the number of people who will be attending your event before booking.

Quality Entertainment

You will get the kind of entertainment you need for your big day. Dhow Alexandra has four resident entertainers made up of dancers and vocalists. You will get entertained with some really good music and traditional dances as you cruise along the Dubai Marina. One of the best dances you can be entertained with is the Tanoura dance which involves several movements that will leave you amazed.

Good Food

Food is an important thing in any party. Alexandra Dhow Cruise has the best menu for your guests which is made up of appetizers like the lentil soup. Their salads comprise of bread rolls and dressing, lacha onions, tossed salad and coleslaw. You also get to enjoy the main course which is made up of meals like beef stroganoff, banjara subzi, dal tadhka, vegetable rice and many more. Desserts like fresh fruit salad and chocolate brownie are also part of their menu. You can also choose the type of food you want to be served to your guests. Their catering team is always ready to prepare.

Beautiful Scenery

Alexandra dhow cruise gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai as you celebrate your special moment. You will enjoy watching the beautiful buildings as you sail across the Dubai Marina. The night time is the best to cruise as you part because you will enjoy the beautiful lighting in the city. You have the opportunity to see some fireworks and the dancing water display. All these will make your guests feel relaxed and entertained more as you celebrate your special day.

Good Onboard Facilities

You will find some of the best facilities onboard Dhow Alexandra. They have comfortable dinner tables and seats that can accommodate all of your guests. You will also be served with various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks from their pub. There are restrooms that you will get on board, so you don’t have to worry about that. This is a fully equipped dhow that will guarantee you all the fun you need while on board.

Celebrating your big day on a dhow will give you and your guests one of the most unforgettable moments in life. It will leave them entertained and asking for more. How about you book Alexandra Dhow Cruise or contact them for any information you may need.