Tips To Help You Unscramble Words

Unscrambling words is a passion for Scrabble fanatics. While some words are easier to unscramble, others may be a hard nut to crack. Scrabble, just like any other game, has tricks and tips that can enable you to get ahead. Here are tips that can help you unscramble words easily.

1. Improve Your Vocabulary

It’s not possible to grasp every word in the dictionary. However, having a strong grasp of the language can go a long way in helping you unscramble words. Although it’s not necessary to know the meaning of the word rather than its existences, knowing the vocabularies enables you to easily figures out the words. This makes a dictionary an essential tool for unscrambling words. It helps you understand the use of different words. You can also try different combinations of words and check them out. Readingthings like journals and online articles can also help you get familiar with more words and enrich your vocabulary.Playing scrabble in the early ages with your children will also help boost their vocabulary and educate them.

2. Check out Prefix and Suffix

Prefixes are common letter groupings that start other words while suffix end other words. Searching for any potential prefix or suffix is an easy way to guess words in a Scrabble game. When you identify a suffix or prefix, it becomes easier to form a word from the remaining letters since they are few. Play around with the prefix and suffix to come up with different word combinations. Some of the common prefix include un-,an- anti-, auto-,dis-, sub-,ex-, bi-, per-, tri-, post- self- among others. Suffix that you can check out for include –ing, -ly, -ry, -al, -ful, -ment, -ism, -able, -cian, -er, and –ate.

3. Use an Online Word Unscrambler

An online scrambler can help you unscramble words easily and fast. Once you know the word, you can train your brain to remember it and use it later. You just have to write down the letters in the unscrambler and wait for itto generate useful options. A word unscrambler can also help you form high-scoring words.

4. Pair Common Letter Combinations

There are common letter combinations that usually go together in words. Such letters include ‘qu’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’ ,’ph’, ‘th”, ‘ly’ ,’wh’ among others. These words can be a key part of the final word and will help you use the remaining letters to form a word easily.

5. Check Out On the Vowels

Vowels are a significant part of a word sequence since every syllable contains at least one vowel. Checking out the vowel in the word can help unscramble words by providing a framework for the other letters. Most words usually have a vowel with a consonant on one or both sides. However in longer words, a number of consonants can be followed by a vowel. For example, in the word ASSEMBLE or ‘STRAIGHT. So in case you have fewer vowels compared to consonants, you need to lay out some consonants with a vowel and figure out possible ways to come up with a word. You can also place a vowel and try testing consonants around it. This way, you will have different possibilities which will make it easier to unscramble the word. In addition to the five vowels, letter Y can also play a key role hence make sure you keep a look at it.

In case the number of vowels is larger than consonants, you should try to make vowel combinations such as IOU, EA, EAU or OU among others. This will enable you to unscramble word such as BEAUTY.

6. LookOut For Letters with Many Uses

Some letters can be used in different ways. The main culprit here is letter “S.”“S” can be used at the end of the word to denote a plural, within a syllable as well as double with a syllable. It’s thus important to check out these letters since you can use them to your advantage to form a word. So if you are stuck, you can add an “S” at the end of the word.

7. Write Words in Different Combinations

If you have a large number of words, make as many combinations as you can. Start by pairing in twos, threes or even fours and jumble up the word until you come up with something that makes sense and fetches a big score.

8. Practice

Unscrambling the word RATCEPCI to PRACTICE may be quite difficult at first. And just like all skills,you need to practice as often as possible to be perfect. This way, the brain usually gets used to the process and familiarizes with many words. Eventually, it will become easier for you to identify various words when they crop up. You can easily practice by playing Scrabble on the go on your phone.