Tips on Reading Women’s Body Language

There are many different ways of communication these days. No, we don’t mean different methods such as the phone, internet, or in writing but actual means of communication such as talking, signing, and body language. When it comes to the latter, it can be very helpful to be able to read someone’s body language, as it can tell you all sorts of information without the person having to utter a single word.

Learning to read a woman’s body language is something that may benefit you in many ways. You can learn all sorts by studying what the different actions and stances mean, and this can help you in a variety of situations, from job interviews to finding love. From women crossing their legs or arms to women playing with their hair, there is a wealth of detail you can pick up by simply learning more about deciphering a woman’s body language.

Some Body Language Basics to Learn

Body language can be a very complex thing, but it can also be very telling. Below are some tips about the different types of body language a woman may use depending on how she feels around you.

She feels uncomfortable

If a woman does not feel comfortable for any reason, one sign she may display is freezing up. For example, if you touch her and she freezes, it may mean she is not comfortable with this. She may be moving her feet around and suddenly stop, which could also mean something has made her uncomfortable. Another sign of discomfort in terms of body language is shying away when you lean toward her or go to touch her. This is a clear indication that she is not comfortable with what is going on.

She is interested

Many men are eager to learn the body language of a woman that may be interested in them and finds their company engaging and scintillating. This is generally shown through positive forms of body language, which could include leaning toward you, making eye contact, and facing you directly. Some women may also touch your arm or shoulder while talking with you, which could be another sign that they are interested. Often, big smiles and lots of laughter could indicate that she is interested.

She is creating a barrier

Women also use body language to create barriers, and this is something else you should look out for when it comes to reading a woman’s body language. There are various barriers that you may notice such as the crossing or arms or legs, which is a cold gesture or a very official one that you may notice when you go to interviews or official engagements. Some women hold things across their chest by way of a barrier such as books or a bag. This construction of barriers can indicate she is not comfortable or that she is engaging with you in only an official capacity.

She is flirting

If a woman is flirting with you, there are various body language signs that you can look out for. Some women will be very playful with their hair when they are being flirtatious, so this is one sign to look out for. Others will become very giggly but will maintain strong eye contact with you. Again, you may notice that the woman is being very tactile and is touching your arm or shoulder as you talk. Of course, you need to remember that some women act like this with all men they talk to, so don’t assume that it means she is definitely interested. Check to see whether she acts differently with other men than with you.


It is not just the body language of a woman you have to look out for but also facial expressions, which can tell you a lot about what the woman is thinking or feeling. Often these expressions are only evident for a matter of seconds so if you don’t take notice you may miss them altogether. However, they can also be quite telling about what the woman is feeling, so it is well worth looking out for them.

For example, you may momentarily see a woman wrinkle her nose up or curl her lip, and this could be a sign that she dislikes something or is disgusted by it. On the other hand, you may see a brief smile playing at the corners of the mouth, which may indicate that she likes something but doesn’t want to make it obvious. Expressions such as the widening of the eyes for a brief moment could indicate surprise or shock. These are all expressions that are worth taking note of if you want to understand more about what the woman is feeling.

Don’t Make Assumptions

One thing you do need to bear in mind is that you should not make assumptions about a woman based on body language or facial expressions. While both can give you an indication of what they may be thinking or feeling, there are no guarantees and you don’t want to get the wrong end of the stick.

For instance, some men assume that if a woman touches their arm or shoulder and makes direct eye contact while chatting, they are flirting and interested in them. However, if you then see the same woman doing this with everyone she speaks to, you will know that this is not actually the case. If on the other hand you see her acting differently with everyone else but tactile and direct with you, there may be something in it.

Learning how to decipher a woman’s body language is a great way to improve your communication with females as well as to get an idea of how they are feeling in any given situation. Of course, you have to also take the circumstances and environment into consideration as well when you are trying to read their body language. However, this is definitely a great thing to learn about and could help you in many ways.