The Explorer’s Essentials – How to Upgrade Your Hiking Gear For 2019

2019 has the potential to unlock great heights, with so many destinations ready to be explored for those willing to look. Often it’s not your willingness and curiosity that prohibits your hiking capabilities, but instead the gear that you have at your disposal. If your trusty hiking sticks and aged gear are no longer propelling you forward, here’s how you should upgrade your gear and know what to replace.

Agile attire

The nature of hiking is unpredictable, so it’s recommended that your attire can accommodate stretch and protection, while also being comfortable. Your range of movement comes predominantly from your legs, so look to upgrade your current kit with some quality hiking pants. Just as you wouldn’t mountain bike in cargo pants, you should find the right hiking pants that will be light, breathable and offer full sun protection.

Hiking clothing is made from synthetic material, light in design and made to absorb sweat and water quickly. If you have previously been hiking in normal clothes and fabric, you may be carrying around more weight and moisture than you need to.

Hiking poles

Hiking poles are such an important part of the hiking practise, and yet not enough people take advantage of them, or fail to find the right poles for their specific needs. Considering it’s such an inconsequential cost, hiking poles are an easy item to upgrade and you can start using them immediately. If you think your weathered poles are still up to the task, consider how reliable they will be when you cross a stream of have a heavy backpack strapped to you. You can even use your hiking poles to prop up your tent, so don’t skip this upgrade.

Hiking shoes

For most hikers, it’s typically a shock to learn they have covered over twenty thousand steps at a time. That’s the sign of great hiking shoes. If you feel every step, jump and squat – it could be time to upgrade what you have as they are perhaps the more critical gear at your disposal. If you are not light on your feet, you will be limited in your pace and confidence, which may have you missing out on once in a lifetime experiences.

Hiking backpack

The run-of-the-mill backpacks you have been grabbing before your hike are not cutting it. They don’t protect your belongings from heat, moisture or wildlife. This poses a huge problem for hikers, as they are only as strong as the supplies they pack to nourish and protect them during those long days and longer nights. Your hiking backpacks should be selected based on the nature of your hikes, so don’t just buy based on one referral. Ask yourself the right questions: is this for one day or multiple days, do I need external attachments, and is this volume enough for my peers and I?


Sunglasses remain that one accessory that people desire the greatest brand possible on the arm of the frame. When it comes to hiking? Brands are important, but it comes down to UV rating and whether or not they are designed for sport and altitude. Also look for lightweight and shock resistance glasses that will be able to block direct and side sun – so that your sight is never compromised.


Are you feeling reinvigorated in your desire to be a better hiker? Only you know what you are capable of, and what you need to take your hiking experience to a new level. Upgrading your hiking gear is pledging a commitment to your craft, and the only trade off is all the wonders and sights you will see now you have more premium support.