The Advantages and Disadvantages in Shifting to Bamboo Sheets

The birth of bamboo beddings, like the bamboo sheets, bamboo comforters, and the bamboo duvet covers are currently gaining popularity in recent years. This is partly because of its eco-friendly feature. But, bamboo is somewhat new, thus a lot of people do not know what are the advantages and disadvantages are when using bamboo bedding.

To help you in deciding if it is worth to change your bed sheets to bamboo beddings, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using bamboo beddings:

On the advantages:

• It gives more comfort

When you get yourself new bedding, your first thought would be how comfortable it is going to be. With organic bamboo bedding, it possesses a remarkable advantage over other kinds of bedding when it comes to comfort. The organic bamboo bedding is very soft to the touch like that of bamboo bed sheets. As a matter of fact, bamboo is much softer than that of cotton.

What makes bamboo bedding more comfortable from other traditional bed sheets is its breathability. So, because bamboo sheets are more breathable, this will not trap excess heat under the covers with you. If you are using bamboo sheets, you can always maintain the coolness and comfort no matter what season it is at any time of the year.

• It is healthy

This is because bamboo beddings are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Because of the material known as “Bamboo Kun”, bamboo sheets have the ability to reduce allergies because these bamboo sheets also reduce the amount of moisture that is in your bed which discourages one of the main triggers of allergies and dust mites that are living in your bed.

This kind of advantages is perfect when you have children or someone who are sensitive to allergies and diseases. So to help improve their health condition, then it is time to switch to bamboo sheets for their beds.

It is durable

As compared to traditional sheets, bamboo sheets are also more durable in terms of material. There are many manufacturers of bamboo sheets that are using premium bamboo that is stretched across the entire length of the sheet.

Because the long fibers are stretched in the entire length of the sheet, as compared to those short fibers that are being interwoven together, this makes bamboo bed sheets to less likely tear and pill compared to the traditional cotton sheets.

The bamboo material is also non-absorbent, this means that bamboo bed sheets will not absorb the oils from your skin. Because of this characteristic, the bamboo sheets will not turn to yellow and grain during the length of time in using the bamboo sheet like those from traditional bed sheets. You will always have a brand new looking sheet over the years.

On the disadvantages:

• It is expensive

High-quality material always comes with a price, and bamboo sheets are really pricey as compared to the traditional ones. But of course, when it comes to buying things, you will have to look into why it is priced as it is – you will have to then look at the long run and the longevity of use that the product may offer. Bamboo sheets may be expensive but this also means that you will have bed sheets that can last for years of usage. So, because you will no longer have the need to constantly replace your sheets, then you are still actually saving money.

The other factor that you need to weigh in also is the weave pattern. It is important that you check the weave pattern because this will also determine the look and feel of the sheet. So even if it is made from 100% bamboo fiber, two sheets that have a sateen and twill pattern will still be different from each other. The one with the sateen weave will give you a much softer and luxurious, silky-soft feel. But also it is really more expensive and needs proper care for it to have an extended lifespan.

On the one hand, the twill pattern may not be as soft as the sateen weave but it still better than using a sheet that is made out of cotton or a bamboo-cotton sheet blend. On the plus side, it is cheaper and does not need that much special care for its maintenance. This type of weave may shrink but the level of shrinkage is just normal and the bed sheet will still fit into your bed.

Of course, you will have to understand the cost and the benefits that the product will be offering. If it is not worth investing at, then better not spend your money into something that you know you will eventually regret.

If you have already decided that you will depart from your traditional sheets and will be starting to use bamboo sheets, then here are some tips on how to properly care for your bamboo sheets in order for it to last longer and retain its softness at the same time:

1. Wash your bamboo sheets with cold water

If you are going to use hot water, the heat could destroy the texture and the color of your delicate bamboo sheets. Hence, using cold water is the practical option and it can still clean the sheet as much as using hot water. You can, however, use hot water for the first wash, but that’s it. This is only just to shrink the bamboo sheet a little bit to its exact size.

2. Air drying your bamboo sheet is the best option

If you use dry heat, it can make the color of your bamboo sheet to runoff and shrink its size even more. So it is advisable that you do air drying on a clothesline. But if you are living in an apartment and it is impossible for you to have a clothesline, then you may use clothes dryer but just be sure that you are setting it at the gentlest and coolest levels.

3. Do not use extra chemicals

It is not necessary to use extra chemicals like bleach, or dryer sheets or softeners. The bamboo sheets are naturally antimicrobial, so using these chemicals will no longer be necessary.