Take Your Event to the Next Level With Custom T Shirts

Some people have a real knack for event planning. They love coming up with a vision, they have a brain for detail, and they thrive as busy bees connecting with caterers, event speakers, venues, and guests to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. While not everybody may be in their element when it comes to planning events, including custom clothing will look like the work of a real pro.

Small events like family reunions, or a mom-and-pop store grand opening are great opportunities for custom clothing. Large events like business conferences or a charity run are some examples of events where not having customized shirts would be a huge missed opportunity.

Whether your event is big or small, turn to t shirt printing from a reliable provider like R&P Prints to mark your special occasion.

What Are My Options?

When the time comes to order some custom shirts Toronto has a number of options, but whatever you choose, you have plenty of opportunities to be creative and create an exciting product. Think of the shirt as a canvas—with the right vision, you can create something truly eye-catching. You may want to come up with a custom image for your event, or if you already have a set of brand guidelines for your

You can create custom tees online with relative ease once you know what you want. And if you’re not sure of what you need, a trustworthy shirt provider will help you navigate their product to find the item that suits your needs best.

When it comes to creating custom tees, you have two major options: silk screen printing (where ink is applied to the shirt to display your event or organization name), and embroidery (where thread is sewn onto the shirt to create the design). Embroidery works best for small designs or patches on a shirt while screen printing is the best choice for large letters or images as well as designs that incorporate lots of shapes and colours.

Hand Out Your T Shirts Early

The point of having custom logo shirts or just custom apparel in general at your event is to have as many people wearing it as possible. At a conference, for instance, hand out your customized shirts at registration so your guests have the garment right as the fun begins.

For a charity run or sporting event, make sure participants have the garment in advance of the big day so everyone can show up wearing their garment for a sense of community and truly professional look.

Style Of Shirt

The fabric, cut, and sizing of your shirts will vary depending on the specifics of your event. Take some time to truly understand your event needs before settling on a particular style of shirt to customize.

Maybe you want to give out long sleeve shirts for a community clean-up event where participants will be outdoors. For events with specific demographics, like a bridal convention, picking a shirt style that matches the tone of your event will impress your guests and give them something to wear again and again.