How to Make Money as an Artist on Instagram

There was a time when people had to work so hard and go door to door to sell their products but now things have changed and now we have the internet that can get our products sold within a few seconds of uploading them. The digital world and the presence of platforms like Instagram and Facebook etc have changed the whole game for us and especially for the artists out there. You see, we all know the fact that it’s pretty difficult for an artist to sale his paintings and all of his artwork because not a lot of people have an artistic taste and some people even consider this to be a waste of money as the paintings always cost a lot.

In short, the life of an artist is somewhat all about struggle especially if you haven’t established your name in the market then selling your stuff can be very difficult for you. It’s not that being an artist is a wrong thing because honestly, we’ve come across several people who sale their art for millions of dollars and in some places there are even proper auctions where people spend thousands of dollars.

Now, if you an artist who is unable to find the proper platform to showcase his skills then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we will tell you about how to make money on instagram as an artist. So, people, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually help you a lot in the long run.

1-Make an instagram account

First step is the same for everyone. You have to make an instagram business account and then get yourself as many followers as you can. You can use both the techniques to increase your followers, you can use an Instagram likes service and you can upload the content that speaks for your work and brings your more and more followers. Honestly, your content and as an artist your paintings and your artwork must be displayed in the best way possible so that your user engagement can increase. The more followers you will have, the more sales you will make.

2-Post high quality images

Posting high quality images can take your instagram account to a whole another level. You see people are hungry for unique and catchy content and especially when it comes to art, you need some extraordinary photography skills to make your work look attractive because your picture is the only thing that will help you increase your sales. As an artist, your instagram account is the first thing you need to focus on because whatever you post will represent what kind of a person you are, both professionally and creatively. Blurry and poor pictures will put a very negative impression on your users so make sure that you aren’t compromising here at any cost.

3-Captivating captions

There’s no doubt in the fact that your pictures must be the best on your account but remember that your captions matter too. You cannot just ignore the fact that your captions are important for your business and branding. Use hashtags and be relevant while using them. You see if you want to increase your visibility then hashtags are a magical thing for you. Using the right hashtag can bring you the amount of followers that you couldn’t ever think of. So, don’t miss out on the captions at any cost.

These are some of the main tips that can help you make some good money as an artist on Instagram. Use these tips, work hard on your branding and establish a name on the internet. We assure you that once you follow all of these tips and struggle hard, you will see some amazing results within a short time.