Getting a toehold on Instagram – how to get the first few followers and keep growing it

Instagram provides ample opportunities for launching a highly targeted marketing campaign by building a loyal audience that keeps growing with your business. The instant exposure that brands receive on Instagram is one of its kinds, given that 500 million users browse the app every day. Followers are the lifeblood of social media marketing, and Instagram is no different. Therefore, developing real Instagram followers is the target of marketers because it is for them that they exist. The number of followers determines your success in using the platform by demonstrating the authority you wield across the platform.

But how do you start from scratch and end up with a huge number of followers on Instagram? Here are a few ways of doing it.

Developing followers organically

It needs some hard work to get the first few followers on Instagram, and once you set the ball rolling, it gathers momentum. But most importantly, you must know how to set the ball rolling. The way of developing followers on Instagram is to do some basic things right that would attract viewers and even keep them engaged thereby encouraging them to go along with you. Soon, you would find some people taking serious interest on your Instagram profile as they start following you closely thus giving you the first few followers that you desperately need.

Optimize your profile

Since your profile is your face on Instagram, beautify it as much as possible by optimizing the features so that viewers can quickly gauge who you are and why they should take an interest in you and become your followers. Use the business name prominently by using it as the first part of your user name so that people searching for your business can quickly identify it. Ensure that your profile is ‘public’ so that everybody can see it and pack the bio with actionable, delightful and useful information. Do not forget to leave a link of your Instagram account on your bio for making it easy for viewers to reach you.

Appoint an account manager

Choose a person familiar in handling social media, especially Instagram, to look after your Instagram account with undivided attention and if possible round the clock. Experience in using a personal Instagram account should come in handy. This helps in using the most useful features of Instagram that generates more attraction.

Sharpen your photographic skills

Since Instagram is an image-based media, you must ensure that you post high-quality photographs because of the inability to do so will hamper the prospects of generating followers. Hone your basic photography and editing skills to post the best pictures on the platform.

Create catchy captions

Captions of photos are critical in enhancing its appeal so that users feel like sharing it. Captions help to humanize your brand and making your content more shareable but most importantly grow your follower base.

Viewer engagement accompanied by shareability of content is the secret sauce of getting new followers. However, you need to have the patience for it and dedicate exclusive time to pay attention to it every day.