Education and its effects on well-being

There was a recent study in New Zealand, which calculated if there was any correlation between education and well being. They went on to find that though there was a positive relationship between both physical well being and education, there wasn’t a relationship between mental well-being and happiness with the level of education.

In another survey with a different dataset, it was found that people who are better educated are more prone to admit that they are satisfied with their lives. It all comes down to the reasoning of getting an education and acquiring a skill. In today’s day and age, anyone with a higher level of education will have a greater chance to get hold of a job that pays well. The same is with the case of acquiring a skill that will allow one to take a huge salary.

It cannot be said that the exhilaration of getting a level of education will last a long time; it can be instrumental in its effects on the well-being of anyone for its uses.

Here are a few other methods that education could have an effect on the well-being of an individual:

  1. Opening new Avenues– Education isn’t only what you learn in class through lectures and books. It is also about broadening your horizon to grasp in different pathways of the world. One’s educational process is like a stroll through a garden; you can take in the view and pluck any flower that you may like even if it comes with thorns. It will help a person’s well-being if he is educated enough to understand what life really means and the course he must take to fulfill his/her dreams.
  2. Bonding– Schools and colleges provide more than just syllabi and teachers. They also provide classes where you can sit with other people and talk about different things. In other words, it provides you with a whole lot of different experiences and stories to share with each other. That helps in creating a bond with other people and providing a general sense of well-being. Even on online platforms, people show a tendency to connect with other people. Be it socially active people on Facebook or students looking to bond together on student platforms like ThanksForTheHelp, there is a pattern that shows how much people value social interactions.
  3. The right way from the wrong way– It is seen that people who are educated enough will know what is right from them and what is not. If one is well educated, he/she will know how valuable vaccination is and how important mental health is; these are topics which do not hold that much importance in uneducated sectors.
  4. Reading and Writing– Though, the most basic of concepts. Reading and writing a language is very important in today’s day and age. According to TopAssignmentExperts, a student help company, more than 60% of the students who come seeking help with their assignments do it because they are not educated enough to make a decent attempt at making it. People who can speak a language but cannot read and write it will have a harder time in life and will affect their well-being. Most of students who cannot do it themselves find companies like TopAssignmentExperts or Essaywriter4u.
  5. Bridging the Poverty Gap– Education is one of the Millennium Development Goals for a reason. It can bridge the poverty gap if poor people are given education and get a chance with equal opportunities. It can also bridge the gender gap if education is imparted equally to boys and girls. Many countries still fall low on this criterion where men are noted to have more education than women. If it changes, it will have a huge effect on the workplace ratio too. All in all, it will lead to greater well-being of individuals fallen behind by an unfair society. There are many companies that are addressing the poverty gap in their own way. Affordable housing, besides education, is one of the ways the privileged ones are looking at to bridge the gap. Here is one example of the same.