Signs Your Marriage May Be in Trouble

Infidelity is one of the most dangerous activities within the confines of a marriage. It is rare to find a couple who can survive the ultimate betrayal unless they are prepared to work very hard together, go through couple counselling and so on. The reason infidelity hurts so much is that the basic premise of any marriage is being true to your husband or wife. Also there is that horrendous feeling of being made a fool of which will hit you a few weeks after the initial shock kicks in. When the trust is broken in a relationship then what more is there?

So what are the big danger signs in a marriage?

So what are the usual signs that your loved one is cheating on you? The following are some common signs to look out for. It must be stressed also that just because someone is exhibiting one or more of the following signs, they might not actually be having an affair. Use common sense at all times!

Has your spouse suddenly begun working late?

When you are married you tend to fall into a routine. If you have noticed that the routine of your spouse has changed and that they are coming home late all the time, this could be a danger sign. Are they evasive when you question them? This could set the alarms bells ringing. This could also be a sign that they are a workaholic too so look out for more of the following if you are worried.

They are working late but won’t let you call their office

Some people take their work so seriously that they don’t like to be disturbed at the office. There are other work places which frown on personal calls. There are also people who say they are at the office when they are really elsewhere.

Is all of the above happening and they are also being highly evasive?

Your spouse is the one person on earth on whom you should be able to completely rely. There should always be complete transparency between you both. If you are asking questions and your partner avoids answering or becomes twitchy and uncomfortable, you may have a problem on your hands.

The thing to do is to talk about the issue with your spouse; this type of problem has to be addressed as soon as possible so you can uncover the extent of it and so you can plan your next move. A separation is possible as could be divorce in the most extreme circumstances. If divorce is the direction you feel things might be going, I can recommend an excellent family lawyer in your local area.