Pursuing A Part-Time MBA? Toronto Is Your Top Destination

Pursuing an MBA part-time offers candidates more flexibility than the alternative full-time models, particularly if they’re already finding moderate success in their chosen fields, and want to use their Master’s degrees as the foundation for securing higher-paying positions with greater responsibility. These students can easily remain in their present positions at work while pursuing study in the evenings and on weekends. The part-time program that students choose, however, should be relatively close to work or home so as not to add a long commute to their day. The advantage is even bigger if it is also located in the heart of where industry activities occur.

Students specializing in business and finance would do well to find a part-time program situated in a big city like Toronto. The financial district, in particular, is home to the head offices of many banks, investment companies, law firms and more. As many prospective candidates will already be working in the area, it allows them to attend classes close by. There are also academic benefits as students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they take fresh from their lectures directly to work with them the next day.

The Lazaridis part time MBA program offers students the chance to study at the satellite campus conveniently located in Toronto’s Sun-Life Financial Building downtown. Furthermore, it is one of the few top MBA schools offering such a sought after part-time program in this ideal location. Studying near Bay Street, and in the heart of the financial district offers candidates business networking opportunities, the ability to form lasting working relationships with others studying and working in the area, and even allows them to conveniently attend industry mixers and events.

The degree itself can also be pursued in tandem with a Masters of Finance (ideal for analytical minds). Likewise, an MBA can be taken while working towards a CPA designation for those specializing in accounting. The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics offers candidates the opportunity to obtain an MBA degree and be fully prepared for the Common Final Exam (CFE) at the same time; their CMA (Certified Management Accountant) exam takers also surpass the national pass rate year after year.

Part-time students looking to study at the Toronto campus choose a model where they attend classes on alternating weekends with summers free, allowing them to organize their time around work and their personal life. This part-time format typically enables students to graduate in 2-3 years.

When students are searching for a part-time MBA program that enables them to schedule their studies around their jobs, on their own terms, choosing one located in an area that will immerse them in the culture of their respective industries is extremely valuable. By pursuing a program at a campus in Toronto, students will be attending classes with their colleagues, peers, competitors, and sometimes even superiors, so they can form bonds and use their studies to tackle topics relevant to their fields, offering them a more integrated experience.