Policy Protection – The 6 Main Reasons People Use Insurance Brokers

Insurance is something that all of us will buy at one point in time or another. Whether it’s home and contents insurance to protect that which is nearest and dearest to us, health insurance for a growing family, or landlord’s insurance to take care of your investment property, insurance serves a dual purpose: to protect and to provide peace of mind.

While we all hope that we’re not going to need our insurance, the fact remains that if the time ever does come to draw on it, we are very glad when we have it. While you can hop online and buy insurance from a number of places you’re always going to be better off better off using insurance brokers to find the right product.

Why? To start with, there are a huge number of providers and products out there and an insurance broker is going to be able to help you sift through the products and find the right one for you. We have brought together six of the main reasons why people use insurance brokers to help you see why this is the only path when choosing insurance.

They know their products inside out

You know how you have a job that you do every day?

You’re obviously pretty great at your job, because you have been doing it for a while and you live and breathe your industry. Your insurance broker works with a range of insurance products day in and day out, and they understand the nuance of choosing one provider over another.

You can cut down on the time you need to take to read and understand insurance products when you work with a broker. You can work with a broker who specialises in a certain area as well, so if you’re looking for health insurance or high net-worth insurance, you’ll be able to get expert advice for your individual needs.

You’ll get personalized service

It’s a lonely road, surfing the internet for an insurance product. And, while you can put your name and number in one of those comparison sites for a call from a sales person looking to sell you a product, they’ll do this without actually finding out what you’re after. An insurance broker offers personalized service and will ensure that you get exactly what you want – and what you need.

It’s easy

Working with an insurance broker is quite simply the easiest way of getting insurance. A broker is going to create a single portfolio of all your necessary insurances and will manage it all – and usually it’s all under the one insurance renewal date so you don’t have to keep track of everything.

They can access specialized products

An insurance broker is going to have access to specialist underwriters who are offering particular products which often aren’t available to the general public. If you’ve got a particular thing you’re insuring – say certain art or jewellery you need an insurance provider who understands the particulars of your collection.

They’ll break it down into plain English

Oftentimes a policy has a lot of fine print which, while arduous, is necessary. Your broker will work with you to ensure that you have a full understanding of the policy and any need-to-know information. If you’re short on time and need to arrange a number of policies, or simply want to understand the legalities of your insurance in a fast and simple way, an insurance broker is just what you need.

On your side for a claim

Need to make a claim? Your insurance broker is on your side for a range of potential claims and issues and can often manage the process for you. Speak to your insurance broker about what level of service you’re looking for, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find a full-service offering.