Patokh Chodiev: Interesting Charity Projects of a Businessman

Patokh Chodiev is known worldwide for his successful business projects. He is one of the main shareholders of the Eurasian Group, JSC Eurasian Bank, and other large companies. Chodiev devotes a lot of his time to charity work. More than 20 years ago, he opened his own fund, heading which he managed to do a lot for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Japan. About charitable projects of a Kazakhstan businessman – in our material.

Patokh Chodiev is one of the few Kazakhstani businessmen who takes charity activities as seriously as his profitable business projects. In 1996, Chodiev created the Chodiev Charitable Foundation. For 24 years, this fund has grown from a small organization into a huge community of like-minded people who carry out important missions not only for Kazakhstan but also for other countries. Top projects of Patokh Chodiev: rescue of Japanese kimonos Itiku Kubota, organization of performances of the Kabuki theater in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia, assistance to the Syr Darya region, support for projects of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, assistance to children’s hospices in Russia, says Spektr news.

“Charity must be dealt with from the heart or not at all. The Foundation’s task is to instill a culture of charity to the young generation, to promote it already from the first year of study at MGIMO,” said Fattah Chodiev.

Rescue of the Japanese Kimono Ichiku Kubota

Nine years ago, a Kazakh businessman saved kimonos, which together represent one composition created by the author Itiku Kubotu. The works were put up for sale due to the fact that the museum named after the outstanding master Itiku Kubotu was on the verge of bankruptcy. Patokh Chodiev bought a kimono for several million dollars, and then helped the museum out of the crisis period.

“The Japanese people took part in my spiritual education. In response, I consider it my duty to support Japan. I saved a kimono collection for the country itself. This is the cultural value of Japan. And it should belong only to this people,” said Fattah Chodiev, the founder of the charity foundation.

Organization of performances of the famous Japanese theater

Patokh Chodiev has been investing for many years in organizing and conducting performances of the Kabuki Theater in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Thus, the businessman wants to instill in the inhabitants of these countries love and respect for the long-standing traditions of the famous Japanese theater.

Assistance to the Syrdarya region

The childhood of a Kazakhstan businessman passed in Uzbekistan, so he speaks very nice about this country. Fattah Chodiev has devoted the past few years to developing the infrastructure of the Syrdarya region. The sufficient funds were involved in the construction of roads. Also in 2019, the businessman invested a large sum in the purchase of ambulances.

Support for MGIMO projects

Thanks to the university, Patokh Chodiev was able to achieve everything that he had dreamed about since childhood. The invaluable knowledge gained at MGIMO paved the way for him to a brighter future. The billionaire has been helping his beloved university since the founding of the Chodiev Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of MGIMO.

The fund’s official Facebook page indicates that on February 19, 2020, the Chodiev Foundation sent funds to implement a scholarship ceremony. On behalf of the founder of the fund during the ceremony, the director of the representative office in Russia Olga Monakhova held the speech. She congratulated the best students of MGIMO in 2019 and handed them memorable diplomas.

Help for children’s hospices in Russia

The Chodiev International Foundation also helps children’s hospices. The last charity project was dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children from the children’s hospice in St. Petersburg. It is also worth noting that the Chodiev Foundation in Russia is one of the non-profit organizations helping the children’s hospice in Pavlovsk.