Nigeria as a Powerful Country on African Continent

Nigeria develops daily turning into a prosperous country on the par with South Africa. The backbone of its economy is oil production. However, a lot of industrial branches have made a significant progress over the last decade. Tourism is one of them.

Though, it is still weak due to violence and bribery which are common in Nigeria. Numerous travelers who visited the country admire generosity and friendliness of the locals. Apart from nice people, nature takes their breath away and a great deal of unforgettable memories get imprinted in their minds. The team of Naij News has prepared a brief guideline for travelers.

What-You-Should-Do List:

  • Address people in an honorable way until they let you call them by their first name;
  • Show your respect to elderly people: make a bow and lower your look;
  • Shake hands with a smile when a person is eager to get acquainted with you;
  • Put cash into your pocket and leave your credit card at home. Cash may help you out when you get into troubles. Giving a bribe is widely-spread.
  • Use your hands while having a meal. You’ll have a special bowls for your fingers as not stain your clothes;
  • Bring something tasty if you are invited for a dinner etc. Buy a cute present for children;
  • Make copies of your passport and other important documents. Leave the originals in a safe place;
  • Get dressed in a casual way. Women should wear modest clothes;
  • Try to memorize the non-verbal language Nigerians are using;
  • Haggle with sellers as you can get a great discount.

What-You-Shouldn’t-Do List:

  • Avoid constant eye-contact as it is considered to be brusque;
  • You are not obligated to leave tips. It is up to you;
  • Don’t get dressed in Nigerian clothes as it looks silly on foreigners;
  • Suspend from judgements concerning religion;
  • Try to be in crowded places as not to stay alone;
  • Avoid criticizing anything in the country;
  • Don’t be indifferent to people;
  • Mind your feet! Stepping on toes is rude;
  • Forget about your left hand. Use either right or both hands;
  • Don’t be in a hurry to greet if you haven’t asked how your interlocutor is.
  • Be careful with Muslim women as it is to rude to touch their hands and even look at them;