Moving to Australia – What are my Options?

Australia is well known for a number of things – Crocodile Dundee, kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House, and so on. But not everyone realizes that Australia makes for a great relocation destination too.

Accommodation Options

If you are looking to relocate Down Under, below are some of the accommodation options waiting for you.

Shared Flat

Shared flats are a common accommodation option in Australia. This option is a great choice if you are free spirited and looking for freedom and independence, especially when it comes to schedules. The option also makes it possible for you to live in the neighbourhood of your choice, be it in close proximity to either your place of work, school, or even the beach.

It is relatively easy to find rooms in shared flats in most cities. And because Australia has a lot of people coming in from all over the world to study or work, renting a room for a few months is easy and a number of landlords cover water, electricity or internet expenses in their rent.

Living With an Australian Family

Aside from renting a shared apartment, you also have the option of living with an Australian family for free. This option is especially great for people who are looking to learn English and about Australian culture fast. Certain families also offer their residents the option of working for them as an au pair, which means you can live with the family for free while taking care of the children of the house in exchange. You could also get a salary for this service.

The downside of this option is that family houses are generally not located in central areas and can be quite a distance from your school. But it all depends on what works best for you.

Student Residence

If the idea of staying in student residence is more appealing to you, just know that you are going to have a great time meeting people from all over the world and be exposed to a variety of cultures. You are likely to meet young and interesting people with interests similar to yours, make friends, and participate in a host of novel activities with your new acquaintances.

Another benefit of a student residence is the accommodation is comfortable and you won’t have to worry about chores such as cooking and cleaning. Whether or not this is to your benefit will depend on your priorities.

Hostels And Backpackers

If you are visiting Australia for a travel and backpacking adventure, there are bound to be hostels in the proximity of the area you hope to explore. This accommodation will guarantee you can rest and also ensure you can easily move from one point to the next. There are also hostels available that offer long stays for a reasonable price.

To find accommodation options that best suit your needs and with ease, you can make your move to Australia with Ausmove or a similar service provider.

Electricity, Gas & Water

Just like residing anywhere else, utilities such as electricity, gas and water are key to your comfort and peace of mind. In Australia, there are a variety of utility options available and you can pick the one for you based on convenience or friendly rates. Just bear in mind that the most ideal time to make your utilities connection for your new place is during the final few days before moving in.

The following details are often requested before you can successfully connect utilities:

● Address of the residence to be connected

● Date you want service connection made

● Personal details such as phone number and identification such as driver’s license or passport

What options are available to connect utilities?

You have the option of connecting utilities such as water, electricity, and gas by yourself. You can accomplish this by calling different providers for information about their plans. Some major utility providers in Australia include Sydney Water, AGL, Origin Energy, and Energy Australia

In the event you’d rather not handle your connection yourself, you can seek the assistance of a specialist service provider. Using a specialist can save you time by arranging water, electricity, and gas connections on your behalf and getting it done fast due to their expertise. All you need to do to get started is place a call to the specialist of your choice and provide your details. Some also offer discounts to help you save money and make your move easier.

Some recognised specialist service providers in Australia include eMove and connectnow. If you are having trouble choosing between the many utility service providers available, you can always make use of comparison websites such as to make your choice. By comparing service providers based on affordability and other features, you’ll have an easier time finding one that best satisfies your needs.

Why move to Australia?

If you would like to move to Australia but can’t think of a solid reason to, aside from the fact that you want to, below are some of the wonderful things you can expect to benefit from making this move.

1. Amongst all the nations in the world, Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels. Isn’t guaranteed fresh air enough reason for you to consider relocating?

2. Beautiful and unspoiled natural beauty. Much of Australia is still wild with large expanses of land with flora and fauna untainted by man. This includes tropical rainforests, golden sandy beaches, snowy mountains, world heritage areas, and much more.

3. Australia has a multicultural society that respects people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. In fact, 43% of the population was born overseas or have parents that were born overseas.

4. Australia is large, but the population density is low which means there’s lots of space for everyone.

5. Australia’s weather is mostly mild all year round with loads of beautiful sunshine.

6. The healthcare system is top notch, effective, and affordable.

7. Australia has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate which makes it a great place to find fantastic job opportunities. The country also has wonderful study options for local and international students which makes Australia one of the biggest education destinations in the world.