Top Considerations to Make when Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Having a health insurance plan is a must because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, the key to remember is that this can only happen when you select a solid health insurance plan. There are various important considerations that you need to make when choosing a plan, which includes the right network of hospitals, pharmacies, and physicians. When all elements of your healthcare are working together, it can ensure improved efficiency, convenience and reduce overall costs as a whole.

So, what considerations do you need to make? Let’s take a look:

Metal levels

Don’t allow your current health insurance plan to renew automatically. There is probably a better deal out there and it could be a different ‘metal’ than the one you have currently. The different levels of insurance include silver, gold, bronze and platinum. The premiums for bronze are the lowest and they increase gradually with silver, gold and finally, platinum. You need to shop carefully for finding the best choice for you.

Physician networks

The second consideration is to see if the health insurance company is willing to work with your current primary physician or any specialists that you consult? Checking this fact is very important because if your physician or specialist are not part of the network of the insurance company, your cost will be higher.


Similar to physician networks, there are certain hospitals that are part of the insurance company’s network. You can save hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money when there is an emergency if a facility near you is part of the insurance company’s network. If you are looking for affordable health insurance, this should be a priority because out-of-network charges can be very high. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that not all doctors at the specified hospital might be part of the network so the payments may still be high for some services.


The physician-patient relationship has also been affected by growth and expansion in communication amongst people through smartphones. There are some insurance companies that also pay for telehealth, which refers to healthcare through computer screens, smartphones, and traditional telephones. In some areas, more and more companies are providing telehealth or telemedicine services. Licensed medical professionals are responsible for these virtual visits and common illness, such as colds, strep throat, and the flu can be diagnosed.

Waiting periods

When choosing between health insurance plans, you should confirm the coverage for pre-existing conditions and whether there are any waiting periods applicable that may impact your health care.

The key to selecting a health insurance plan is to know and understand your needs. You can look for a reliable insurance company and they will guide you about what plan is right for you. They will review your needs and compare the plans that fulfill them, without any cost. You can easily get a quote for whatever health insurance plan you are considering and choose one that suits your budget and healthcare needs.