Why 2019 is the Right Year to Invest in Dubai

Come 2019, domestic and international businesses are looking towards more profitable gains and economic stability than its challenging predecessor. However, quoting Panos Mourdoukoutas of Forbes, the increase in interest rates and receding easy money by country banks will continue to affect this year’s global economic growth. This may result in a more depressive nature for small-medium enterprises (SME) to continue their business survivability and revenue gains. Nevertheless, there may be a silver lining to this worrying circumstance.

On the offset, Dubai looks to be a goldmine for high-stakes investors to pursue lucrative investments towards its real estate developments and projects. However, a recent economic study has identified that Dubai’s year-on-year real estate prices are continuing to decline.

Although slow employment growth or the worsening demand and supply of properties in the metropolitan city may be contributors to the current decline in the local economy, this may open up more opportunities for both local and foreign investors to pursue investments here in Dubai.

According to some sources, estimates of 10,000 units will be completed by the end of the fiscal year. This will also be complemented by another 70,000 new units to be delivered before the inaugural Expo 2020. With the price decline of real estate properties, this is expected to result in more consumers spending towards residential lots and new properties. The potential to gain here is high, with more conservative investors now capable of looking for investment opportunities in Dubai.

Looking towards existing properties, now is the perfect moment to start investing. Price drops since the last few years have made luxury living more affordable, and this trend is forecasted to continue even more. Hence, buying that dream house beside the beach is now becoming more appealing than ever.

Emaar Beachfront apartments is an example of a residential area which you could be looking at. Its residential complexes of Marina Vista and Sunrise Bay are situated directly beside the oceanic seaside. With an abundance of amenities and a tourist hub, Emaar Beachfront may be a good place for you to invest in, this year.

If you are looking at a more conservative alternative, properties in Bluewaters Residences may also be a compelling solution for you.

In promoting more domestic spending, one of the government’s initiatives provides that banks will be offering more flexibility in their efforts of providing real estate loans. This will only contribute to positive returns of investments (ROI) for existing investors.

Furthermore, new development projects are now more community-based with which prospective residential and commercial lots are now easily accessible to facilities. Hopefully, this, in turn, leads to more sales interests coming from the local and foreign markets.

Real estate investment has always been a tricky long-term commitment. Factors of global economy, as well as domestic and foreign markets, have all been among the main concerns of investors in spending their money. Nevertheless, with the current state of Dubai’s real estate industry, it is high time that you start looking into any prospective investments here in the city, before the opportunity is lost.