Benefits of Availing a Personal Loan for Your Honeymoon Expenses

Kickstart your marital life with a blissful beginning, courtesy of personal loans that can be availed with the click of a mouse!

So, you have planned ahead for your dream wedding and it is finally happening. Amidst all the hoopla and rituals surrounding the wedding, the amount of built-up stress is enormous and a honeymoon is the perfect outlet to let it all go. It is the time when you can finally spend some quality moments with your beloved while sipping on fancy drinks decorated with cute umbrellas. But this is where the hiccup starts- what about the money for the trip? A dream honeymoon requires two things- budget and planning. You may have very well planned for an extravagant honeymoon at an even more exotic location only to back out for the lack of capital. This is where the option of personal loan steps in as your savior.

But first, let us understand the concept of personal loans. Also, referred to as unsecured loans or consumer loans, these are loans that are given to an individual on the basis of their credit history and ability to repay it from their personal income. One can repay it through instalments over a period of time. However, these instalments call for an interest rate that varies based on the type of personal loan availed. Thus, it is completely natural to avail a personal loan for your wedding or travel.

By availing an unsecured loan for your honeymoon, you can pay for the entire expense of the trip, starting from the plane fares to the hotel stay and shopping sprees. All you need to do is plan the trip and request for the loan from your bank. If visiting a bank is taking too much of your precious time around the wedding, you may even apply for a personal loan online. It is safe and you can choose from a variety of options.

However, there are a few things that are best kept in mind before applying for a personal loan for your honeymoon travel and relative expenses. The first being to check for outstanding credit dues. It is advisable to clear your credit dues before applying for a fresh loan. You need to remember that the payment for this personal loan will be coming out of your pockets too, so it is best to settle any past dues before you move ahead with a new one.

The second most important thing is to plan ahead. Finalise on a location and make an estimate of the expenses. Add a quarter more to it and you will get your gross expenditure amount. You can even seek the help of a travel professional for more accuracy.

Now that’s settled here is the bright side. So, what are the incentives and benefits of a personal loan for paying for your honeymoon expenses? For starters, it is the easiest way to get to that dream honeymoon without having to rely on your family or relatives for funds. Personal loans do not usually require collaterals which add to your advantage. So, whether you are a salaried person or self-employed, you can easily avail a personal loan without hindrance. Moreover, personal loans in the form of marriage loans need minimal documentation. All you need is your valid PAN card, AADHAR card and bank statements that date back six months and voila, before you know it you are on the plane to Mauritius with your loved one!