5 Modern Hobbies Most Insurers Don’t Want You To Do

It’d feel very freeing to think that, in our personal lives, we’re largely entitled to do whatever we want – within reason and within the law, obviously – with few monetary repercussions. Sadly, though, insurers can beg to differ if you want to source a financial safety net for your activities.

Some hobbies currently “in vogue” and listed below might look relatively harmless at first but come with certain risks perhaps more readily discernible to insurers than you. 


What could insurers have against you broadening your horizons and seeing more of the world? Alas, getting out and about can be strewn with risks, and it stands to reason that you are likely safer in your own home than outside it. Ironically, though, your home itself could be especially vulnerable.

Saga warns that a standard policy in home insurance can offer scarce cover if you leave the property unoccupied for at least 30 consecutive days, but some insurers will offer policies more fitting. 

Sharing holiday photos on social media

Naturally, this isn’t just the preserve of glamorous celebrities and social media “influencers”. Why wouldn’t you want to share a shot of that glorious beach or historical monument you are currently stood in front of? Actually, here’s one possible reason: it could jeopardize your home insurance.

That’s because, in posting such images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, you are practically indicating to burglars that your home is currently empty. This fact might not be lost on your insurer when, in the event of a claim, they assess how carefully you secured your home.


If you have financial dependents like kids or overly frail relatives, this situation could strongly incentivize you to give up smoking. In attempting to wean yourself off the habit, you could have switched to vaping, but this might not necessarily be any better for your life insurance premiums.

The problem is that the picture regarding how the healthiness of vaping compares to that of smoking remains largely up in the air. Still, it can depend exactly how you vape, says Business Insider.

Motor racing

Perhaps the least surprising inclusion on this list. If your motor insurer frowns upon you for the occasional bout of speeding or reckless driving, imagine how they can balk if they see “motor racing driver” as your occupation. The Guardian reveals it to be the priciest with regards to driving cover.

Modifying your car

If you indeed motor race, you might have a modified car for the purpose. A modified car, otherwise known as a kit car, can be built from scratch, rebuilt or customized from a classic car or simply bought already modified. However you sourced your kit car, how can you insure it?

The answer is complex, as kit cars, by their very nature, are unique and so tricky to assess in terms of risk to the insurer. However, by being open about how your car is modified, used and stored, you can more easily get the kit car insurance required.