MiraDry: Minimally Invasive Treatment for Excess Underarm Sweat

Excess sweat increases your self-awareness as you are prone to dirty your shirts and drive friends away. Masking the odor using deodorants and antiperspirants can be expensive and likely to cause more problems if you stay away from the shower for hours. A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers a permanent solution called MiraDry, the only FDA-cleared underarm sweat reduction treatment. Book an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Thompson for a fully personalized treatment.

What Is MiraDry?

Picture a permanent solution to armpit sweat, odor, and shirt discoloration around the armpit. A Beautiful You Medical Spa helps you regain self-esteem and confidence to go through your day without worrying about your underarms.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa uses MiraDry, an innovative treatment for sweaty armpits. Your provider uses a handheld MiraDry device to transmit thermal energy through your skin into sweat, odor, and hair glands to destroy them for good. Recent studies show that you are assured of over 82% sweat reduction and 89% odor reduction after successful MiraDry treatment.

Preparing for a MiraDry Treatment

Shave your armpits 4-6 days before your MiraDry appointment. As from the eve of your MiraDry appointment, wear loose-fitting apparel exposing your underarms. Keep the antiperspirants and deodorants away before and shortly after your treatment.

During Your Appointment

Your provider at A Beautiful You Medical Spa smears a local anesthetic to your underarms before commencing the procedure. Previous patients have applauded MiraDry as less invasive and prone to produce desirable results with minimal side effects.

For optimal results, A Beautiful You Medical Spa recommends a subsequent MiraDry treatment. The second MiraDry procedure assures one of permanent sweat and odor reduction. Your provider considers specific needs to determine the best treatment schedule.

After a MiraDry Treatment

You may continue your normal schedule immediately after your MiraDry treatment without fear of downtime and pain. Abide by your recovery instructions to navigate through mild sensitivity in your underarm shortly after your treatment. Simple DIY home remedies for persistent sensitivity include ice packs and ibuprofen. You can resume exercise and work out in days.

If you develop excess and painful bruises, swelling, and numbness long after your treatment, schedule an appointment at A Beautiful You Medical Spa for immediate medical assistance.

Unlike traditional treatments for sweat, MiraDry delivers instant results, such that you leave the practice with a feeling of dramatic odor and sweat reduction. MiraDry eliminates two percent of your sweat glands, allowing your body enough glands to release sweat and cool the body.

Other Services

Other than MiraDry permanent sweat reduction, schedule an appointment for:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Body contouring
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • HydraFacial
  • Skin tightening
  • Injectables
  • Chemical peels

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Bottom Line

A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers minimally invasive treatment for excessive underarm sweat. Contact the practice via phone to book an appointment with Dr. Thompson.