Impulsive Sex Cravings? Expect Horror down the Road!

‘As beautiful it can get, as you want it to be’. Sex is an experience to be enjoyed lifelong. Sometimes it’s worth the pleasure but an impulsive act more than often, does more bad than good.

Chances of an injury and hurt are more when sex starts taking a grim shape. Especially when it is unplanned or one of the partners, is not entirely ready.

  • Spasms and Cramps – Muscle pull is often a result of a random and extra-agile activity. All spasms don’t look too bad on the face but may lead to excruciating pain at a later stage.

Lifting of limbs become restricted and it may lead to partial immobility for some time.

  • Burns and Itching – Usually, it’s the private parts that bear the brunt most. By no means, the feeling of a wound or a bruise trails the feeling of sexual pleasure. Take-care has to be paramount as water contact can make it worse. Inner clothes can further aggravate if they aren’t dry or not cotton based.

Recovery may take time and it’s difficult to stay uncovered and relax for longer periods. Indulging in another similar session depends on sexual urge and individual resilience but not recommended at all, following that gruesome outcome.

  • Lower Back Pain – A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and pulling of muscles are usually the more common causes of back pain. Most times, it is relived by a piriformis stretch or over-the-counter medicines.

But a cragged sex session can affect lower back big time. It can happen to either of the partners. This is generally induced when the act is tried hurriedly.

  • Loss of Fluid – A single act of sex burns out good amount of calories. Repeated acts further take fuel out of body which needs timely replenishment, taking energy giving foods and fluid, or else chances of exhaustion and fatigue looms large.

It all may sound petty, but be prepared to face the music at a different level if reckless and unorganized sex continues in the longer run –

  • Multiple Partners could be Ominous – Minor ailments and injuries can be easily overcome in due course but complications arising out of STDs, AIDS and other sexual diseases of extreme nature could be life threatening. Being sexual is fine but staying healthy and sexually healthy is crucial.
  • Infections are contagious – A minor bruise can go out of hand, if not treated in time using right medications. Urinary tract infections are common because of constant contact with private parts.

Or let’s be honest, how many times do you actually pay heed to hygiene?

  • Serious Nerve Injury – The penile and vaginal formation is mainly around blood vessels, tissues and important nerves. If the sexual act involves jarring and force every time, then there is an increased chance of a serious nerve injury, the recovery of which is either too slow or gives up in time.
  • Break and Fractures – Too much too fast doesn’t always guarantee the first spot. Any part of the body is prone to a fracture if caution is not taken. Exerting pressure or trying to invent a position, that too within a fraction, can be damaging really.
  • Performance Issues – Some people experience lack of vitality and strength over a period. Not able to reach orgasm or reaching orgasm too early may happen frequently. Such a situation is seen when the mind is not completely relaxed and sex becomes a matter of a minute.
  • Increased Pressure on Heart – A certified medical professional can certainly explain it better but it’s a well known fact that an act carried out in haste would mean, heart pumping blood at a greater pace than the normal which may just be a cause of concern, especially when it happens far too often and without a check.

While sex is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and a definite means to human procreation, our actions define it the way it shows.

Quoting ‘Jane Austen’ in ‘Pride & Prejudice’, “… every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason.” So true!