How To Write A Resume For The First Time

Writing a good resume is not a simple task for the beginners, because it requires some basic resume writing skills. If you do not have sufficient idea about resume writing, you can read this post properly. In fact, a resume is the document which brings the reader to acquire information regarding your relevant qualifications, experience, and skills.

Essential facts

In fact, your resume does not get a further glace from your reader or recruiter, so it is highly recommended for beginners to get the attention during the first glance.

Guide on resume format

You can take reference from free resume builder to avoid difficulties in creating your first resume. Here are few resume writing guidelines as follow:

  • It is advised to make your resume either 1 or 2 pages.
  • You can prefer high preferred fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. You can avoid using graphics
  • Opt for the font size eleven or twelve for resume body
  • You can avoid shading, italics, boding and underline because they will cause few issues
  • Make your resume reader-friendly
  • You can research the requirements of your employer and highlight the qualifications which match requirements.
  • Proofreading is essential to ensure that a resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Always be precise with the resume formatting

Contact details

· Add telephone number, mailing address with professional e-mail id and voicemail

· You can make the name bigger than other details because it makes your name stand out

· Also, ensure that you have full control of as well as access to the phone numbers and email used. It is required to use any one of the phone number and email address

· You can use between 2 and 4 lines for the contact information


It is the section where you can highlight your major qualification to a recruiter. You can try to use bullet formats as well as highlight the qualification and skills which are highly relevant to a job post you are actually applying for.


· You can add the dates attended, an area of study, program, and institution

· Add relevant educational program if highly related to your job posting

· Add GPA

· If you like to add honors/awards from the high school, you can put it in the separate awards portion

Include experience

· Add unpaid and paid or the volunteer experience

· Separate a section into volunteer experience and work experience or call the section as relevant experience or other experience or just experience that will include unpaid and paid

· You can take some time to order the experiences in the reverse chronological order properly within every section

· Start every point by using an action verb

· You can try to place highly relevant and essential task and achievements first within your experience descriptions

Extracurricular Activities

· You can include both high school and university activities like a club membership, class representatives, and leadership roles

· Add a precise description of your results and accomplishments if possible


You can add any awards received during university, high school education or as the part of your volunteer experience or paid job

Professional Memberships

Add some professional memberships, duties, role and other accomplishments


Add leisure or sports activities which shows other parts of your personal life


Try to avoid including a reference to the resume

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