How to Use Percent Change Calculator

Percentage change is defined as a mathematical concept that represents the degree of change over time. This is often used in finance to determine the price change of a negotiable instrument, as well as establish the difference in the inflation rate and taxes, among others. Businesses apply this concept as a means to analyze the increase or decrease in sales. Percentage change is also essential in physics and other fields of mathematics.

Calculating the percentage change between two quantities can be daunting for some. This is where a  percentage change calculator may come in handy as it allows users to calculate easily compared to doing it manually. 

How to calculate percent change?

We need to calculate the percentage change when there is change in the value every time or when you want to compare the percentage of two values. Suppose you are running a factory and you want to compare the growth rate of your factory. In that situation you need to use the percentage change calculator. 

The formula for the percentage is [subtract the old value from new then divide by old value]. 

Let’s discuss an example

Based on the formula given above, let us manually compute for the percentage change in this given example:

You previously had 10 books and now you have 15 books, how do you calculate for the percentage change?

First, you need to compare the old value with new.

Subtract the old value from new that is 10-15=-5

Now calculate the percentage change in the value.

Divide the change by old 

-5/10= -0.5

Now to change the decimal number into percentage multiply it by 100

-0.5*100 = -50%

So the percentage change is -50%.

Manually calculating for the percentage change can sometimes become quite complex. However,  you don’t need to go through all the complicated calculations and waste your energy with the help of the percentage change calculator which can be easy and simple to use.

You just need to fill the initial and final values in the designated boxes and then click on the calculate button. You will get the calculated value even before you blink your eyes.

The tool doesn’t require any additional training for using it and can be applied by anyone. Using a calculator can save your time and energy as it takes a lot of time to do such kind of complex calculations. So meanwhile you can use your time to do other things. With the help of this tool, you can get the accurate results which could vary while you are calculating manually.