How to search for unclaimed money and assets

Along the years, we all go through changes that re-direct the course of our lives and allow us to have new beginnings. In financial terms, the changes we make, such as re-locations and switching jobs, can lead to us “abandoning” money and leaving it to be unclaimed.

As a result, the term Unclaimed Money has been coined, and as of today, there are $58 billion of it across the United States. Unclaimed money can be claimed back by its rightful owners at any time, and there is an easier way than ever to do that.

Where is the money?

Changes we make during the course of our lives impact us in different ways, including our finances. Each time a person in the United States closes a bank account, leaves a job or re-locates, he may be leaving money and assets behind.

The great majority of this unclaimed money is found in the following places, as well as at the hands of states:

  1. Tax refunds
  2. State-held unclaimed property
  3. Life insurance policies
  4. Pensions
  5. Uncashed paychecks
  6. Savings bonds (Only in the U.S)

Over the years, the money forgotten by people accumulated to a staggering amount of nearly $60 billion, meaning there is a great chance that the majority of people in the US have unclaimed money left behind. As country and state laws stipulate, unclaimed money can not be used by the places that are holding it, but only by the person it belongs to. This means that if you have any unclaimed money or assets you left behind, you can claim them back at any time.

Claiming back money and assets

Re-claiming abandoned money and assets is time consuming, as it requires filing forms with the appropriate offices and waiting for a reply. This type of search becomes even harder when unclaimed money is found in more than one place, or in a different state.

In order to make the search for unclaimed money and assets faster and easier, GoLookUp is providing a search service that only takes minutes to let you know if you are entitled to money or assets. By providing your full name and state of residence, the search directory searches through billions of public records to find any money or assets under your name, and gives you the results within minutes.

In addition, the website provides users with unlimited searches, meaning you can search for unclaimed money and assets in different states you lived in. The unlimited searches also allow users to seek and find money and assets that belong to their relatives, living or deceased, and claim it back. The forms provided by GoLookUp make it even easier for users to reclaim money in cases they are entitled to it, so you get an all-around service to find and re-claim what is rightfully yours.

Unclaimed money accumulates over the years without its rightful owners ever knowing of it, and it will remain untouched until they claim it back. GoLookUp’s unclaimed money directory lets you find money and assets tied up in different places, and also the information on how to claim it back, so you can get your money back faster than ever.