How to make your resume effective for an interview?

If you are looking for a smart way to attract your recruiters or hiring managers, an effective resume is a right choice for your needs. Creating a smart and attractive resume is not a simple task, because it requires lots of time and special efforts. When it comes to a free resume builder, it is one way of writing resume for your interview. There are many other tools available to create a resume, so you can choose the right one carefully. This post shares you few simple tips that ensure the resume will increase your possibility of getting a particular job post.

Ø Opt for smart resume format

In fact, a resume never gets a full reading even though if you are writing it well. Instead, it gets scanned for few seconds. If you want to make the scanning simpler, you can follow these tips:

· Prefer wide margins, logical format, clear headings, and type

· Use professional bullets to attract your recruiters towards vital points

· Smartly apply italic typeface and bold letters to grab the readers

Ø Focus on accomplishments rather than job descriptions

Most of the technical experts look for candidates who aid them in solving an issue. In this, you never be a key to their issue without telling how you actually solved those issues in other situations and companies.

· Let the recruiters know about your previous job nature

· Add precise job description before listing the accomplishments

· Include your unique accomplishments

· Do not give generic job descriptions

Ø Count your accomplishments

You can try to avoid making lots of general claims because it will never market you. Instead, you can make the resume smartly to market your strengths and skills instead of portraying your bio.

Ø Highlight and add specific accomplishments

Quantify the accomplishment to give more confidence to your recruiter and hence generate more interest percentages and other benefits

· You can work backward for quantifying your achievements

· Make your resume ideal for specific industry

Regardless of design and style, your error-free writing, crisp, clean type, grammatically-correct sentence, paper, and achievements will surely make the desired impression.

Ø Prefer a career summary

When it comes to career summary, it is created to provide detailed details regarding you and your doing. It is always smart to avoid the standard form of writing. Instead, you need to remember the resume has few seconds to make the best impression.

Hence, you need to spend quality time on developing a career summary. It has the capability to get the attention of your recruiter. Apart from that, it also powerfully and accurately describes you and your skills.

Ø Understand the importance of network

Handing out the resumes is the main job of unemployed candidates. Most of the senior-level and mid-level positions are actually field through the networking process, so you contact everyone you truly know along with recruiters. The networking process can include:

· Sales representatives and vendors

· Contacts of personal business

These are the basic and simple tips to make your resume effective. With an effective resume, you will surely increase your possibility of getting the desired job post.

Shruti Gupta is a writer, digital marketer and outreaching expert. She writes about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites like Thenextweb deccanchronicle and Crazyegg. Stay tuned with her at:@shruti_gupta01 or via skype : shrutigupta2811