How to Make and Edit TikTok Videos

TikTok offers a second app called Duyin for the Chinese market, which has over 300 million monthly active users. and Duyin emblems are combined in the new app’s logo. TikTok is a 15-second video-sharing software that allows users to make and share films on any subject. Users of the TikTok app may choose from a variety of noises and music samples, as well as apply unique effects and filters. There is also the ability to upload movies directly from your phone. A lot of tiktokers use TikTok reseller panel to help them make videos on TikTok. Nevertheless, here are some of the best tips and steps that can help you make and edit TikTok videos.

1. Make a video of yourself.

When you’ve completed recording one portion, either remove your finger off the screen or press the record button to stop it, and then continue the process until you have recorded all of your video’s sections. Don’t worry if you screw up a part; simply press the erase button to remove the previous recording. A timer can also be set to begin recording after three or ten seconds.

2. Make adjustments to the camera’s settings

If you already know what music you want to use, hit the sounds button at the top of the screen and either search for it here or utilize a featured sound that is currently trending on TikTok. However, if you prefer to capture your video first, you can always add music later. When you first launch the TikTok app, tap the + button at the bottom of the screen to access the camera. Before you start shooting, you may alter many settings in the camera.

3. Make changes to the sound

Then, in comparison to the sound you added from TikTok, you may modify the loudness of your original recorded footage. Simply touch on voice effects to pick from a variety of various atmospheres. Now is your chance to add music if you did not do so before recording. Under the favorites icon next to the discover button on the sounds window, you may favorite a sound to make it easier to locate next time.

4. Include transitions.

Any effects you have applied may be undone using the undo button beneath the timeline, allowing you to start over. In the time portion of the effects window, you may set any segment of your movie into slow motion, reverse speed, or repeat mode. When you click on transitions, you can pick from a variety of elegant methods to transition from one clip to the next in your video for the length you hold down the transition while applying it to the video.

The Final Word

After reading this article, you now know everything on how to make and edit a TikTok video, all you have to do now is implement these steps and tips when you make your TikTok video.