How to lessen the environmental impact of moving offices

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Moving offices gives you the chance to really get to grips with the overflowing stock rooms, throw out the wonky chairs and finally bin the out-of-date food in the communal fridge. Plus you get to live out the very real experience of clearing your in-tray.


But office relocations can also create a ton of unnecessary waste. With that in mind, here are just three simple tips for moving offices and lessening that environmental impact.

Recycle all that office junk

When moving offices, you should obviously take the opportunity to get rid of some old equipment and invest in some newer (and probably more efficient) appliances.

However, that doesn’t mean you should send all that old ink and plastic to a landfill. Instead, do something useful with it and have it recycled ethically by a local recycling company.

Or, if you’re getting rid of furniture, organisations like the British Heart Foundation will be only too happy to take it off your hands (if it’s in good, working condition, of course!)

Implement new environmentally-friendly schemes

You shouldn’t just think about the actual move in and of itself though. Rather, consider the potential for making a change in your new office too.

Seize the day, as it were, and implement some office-wide recycling schemes. It’s time to make participation worthwhile for reluctant staff members. While you can’t threaten them with getting fired (ha!), you can give them an incentive to reuse and recycle what they can while at work in the form of, say, a free beer next time you’re at the pub together?

Alongside schemes with scope for human error, you can also look to kitting out the office with fixtures and fittings which will lessen carbon emissions. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but even just using things like low-energy bulbs and automatic taps can be really helpful, as can removing paper towels from the bathrooms or even investing in stationary supplies made from recycled materials.

Remember those pencils made from old tyres that just appeared from nowhere in your house one day? Introduce them to the office inventory and watch the eco-friendly nostalgia take hold!

Compare removals with Buzzmove

While hiring a removals company through Buzzmove doesn’t seem like it would lessen your environmental impact when moving offices, getting the professionals in to do the heavy lifting can streamline the transportation process and reduce the amount of trips you need to get everything to your new space in one piece.

And anyway, who’s better at efficiently packing a van like a game of oversized office supply Jenga than the movers who do it every day? Not Karen from finances, that’s for sure.

Not only that, Buzzmove is also a start-up committed to sustainability. They are on a mission to make UK removals carbon neutral by planting trees to make up for the environmental impact of their line of work.

Even if you’re not sold on the environmental aspect of hiring movers, consider the fact that they might also help salvage your working environment from the stress of a move.

There you have it; three easy ways to clear the office and your conscious.