How To Increase Your Lead Conversion On Dating Apps

In such a fast-paced world, online dating and dating apps have become commonplace for how we could potentially meet our significant other. At no other time in history have we had such a large pool of prospects right at our fingertips. And even though to some this medium may seem artificial, it’s actually driving people to make genuine connections more than ever before.

However, getting to the point of meeting someone you truly care about dating can sometimes be the hardest part. While many of us think that just by right swiping every profile or paying to have an aggregator will yield the best return, this is simply not the case. Even though there’s a variety of options, it’s important to find a method that hones in on the right ones. After all, saying “yes” to everything comes off as desperate and getting an aggregator loses a sense of human touch.

In examining how we can utilize dating apps to connect with the best mate, it really boils down to this: knowing what you’re looking for, why you’re looking for it, and how your best self appears to the other side.

Your Dating Profile Is A Piece of Personal Branding

It may sound silly to think of yourself ‘like a brand,’ but we’re talking about the digital world, where almost everyone has an image or aesthetic. While you might not necessarily have a title like an influencer or tastemaker, who you represent online is still an extension of your story, personality, and image.

By jumping in with this mentality, you’re off to a better start than most people in making your efforts more efficient. Because even as dating apps have spread like wildfire across the globe, the expansion of them has set a sense of decorum on how we should behave.

However, as the advice of “just be yourself” is some of the worst you can get when it comes to dating (seriously, it leads to having us ask “who am I?” “was I myself before they said that?”), this is something more than that. Not to worry though, as we’ve listed out a few guidelines on the parameters to work with.

Your Bio Should Represent What It Likes to Grab a Drink With You

One of the best ways to find quality leads is to treat your bio with a sense of casualness. This is your chance to show people how you are on a day-to-day. Think of this much like we have meaningful content, only with less volume.

While there’s a multitude of styles you could choose, try to land something that’s going to start a dialogue. This is the same thing as when we talk about retention and engagement, only coming from a personal perspective. And look, I know it’s not easy to talk about yourself, which is a reasonable concern. If we talk about ourselves too much, we think we’re arrogant. Too little, and we come off as uninterested. The key to finding your balance comes with not trying to force anything. The more organic it feels, the better your traffic will be.

Make Sure It’s Picture Perfect

I’m not sure why I have to say this, but please make your picture look like someone you’d want to engage with. Don’t make your main profile a group picture. Don’t make your only photos selfies (it says no one wants to take a picture of you). Don’t post pictures from six years ago. Don’t post something that would make them be embarrassed of you to meet their parents. Oh, and please don’t post yourself just posing for photos (try to have some action shots, showcase your interests off the bat.)

Got it? Good. Now, let’s move on.

Quality, Not Quantity

We all have that one friend who gives the sage advice of saying yes to everything and opening with “hey beautiful” (gee…thanks?), but you’re actually going to be wasting more time digging through and deleting people you didn’t have any intention of talking to. Instead, really study a potential match’s profile. Make your opening line a comment on their bio, something in one of their photos, or maybe even a mutual friend. If something comes to you, awesome. If not, don’t try to force it. Let these conversations happen naturally, but more importantly, just have fun.

Remember, when things go right, you win. When they don’t, you’re exactly where you started, so there’s no risk or loss involved. Plus, dating is supposed to be enjoyable, and when you approach it as such, your success will soar.