How to Get Instagram Followers Fast?

Instagram has evolved quickly from a medium for socialization to one of the most effective digital platforms. Many businesses have been using it as a tool to network and reach out the wider audience. It has over 200 million active monthly members with over 80 million images being shared on regular basis.

The average engagement rate on Instagram is way higher than any other social media platforms. This just indicates the fact that how important it is to create a large follower base on this network.

Many businesses and individuals tend to buy active Instagram followers but there are many other ways in which the following base can be enlarged quickly. Here are some of them listed:

Creative hashtags

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are one of the most important things users can play with. Look beyond the literal words only and mix up different hashtags to tell your stories. Be creative and innovative with the hashtag game. This helps your profile gain visibility over the social media platform, hence a steady increase in the number of followers.

Engagement is the key

There is no surprise in this proposition. Engagement is the key to success when it comes to any social media, especially Instagram. People like to follow active profiles that interacts and engage with them on frequent basis. Like and comment pictures of others and get into an active conversation with your existing followers. This will not only help you maintain the existing follower base but also attract potential followers.

Develop own style

People do not like duplication. It is imperative to have your own unique style on Instagram to enlarge the follower base. You surely want to stand out among the rest of profiles. This can be done by developing expertise in a specific niche and post content related to that. However, make sure that the content posted doesn’t only exhibit remarkable quality but it must be posted with sheer consistency. This will help you acquire more followers.

Utilize descriptive captions

Instagram is all about images, for sure, but that doesn’t you skip on words entirely. Sometimes, words can play as much important role as visuals. Captions can be used in a descriptive manner to elaborate an entire story. For instance, Nat Geo’s profile is phenomenal at telling stories along with the Instagram images to create more engagement and sharing. Many media brands have developed themselves as popular brands by utilizing descriptive captions.

Cross promote

Cross promotion is vitally important to acquire more followers on Instagram. You can cross promote your profile on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the game can also be taken offline. You can have it printed on ads, receipts and get it on the banners during relevant events. This will create better awareness regarding your profile and increase more visibility, therefore, getting more followers as a result. Remember to be creative how you promote your Instagram profile in the first place.