How to Get 10x Instagram Followers in Less Than a Year

Instagram has won its way to being a favorite app on most smartphones. The picture based social media giant launched in 2010, and has become an excellent way to keep up with your favorite people and brands on a daily basis. As fun as Instagram can be for sharing moments of your life with friends and family, it has also become a major content sharing, marketing, and networking platform.

Having a substantial number of real followers can create a certain influence among consumers. This influence can be useful to attain your own personal goals, or can be used to promote the interests of an organization, brand, or company. Regardless of your reason for wanting to have more followers, there are clear advantages and opportunities to be had from attaining social media success. Here are some ideas to ensure that you increase your Instagram followers tenfold.

Account Clarity

Make sure you have a simple username that people can easily find. Try something that is very close to the name of your company, group, or brand. Next, have a clear and focused profile picture, something that will allow users to identify your page without reading the name. For your bio, deliver the most pertinent information with brevity. If you have a website, include a link at the end of your bio.

In terms of posts, write thoughtful captions. They shouldn’t be too long unless the post warrants an extended description. Try to make them short and sweet, and clever if appropriate. Ultimately, the picture or video will speak for itself, so don’t restate the content. Instead, tell a joke or add a new perspective to what was presented in the content you produce. Also, consider asking a question or posing a call to action in the caption. This will certainly increase user engagement and generate new followers.

Photo Quality

Making sure that your photos are clear and high quality goes a long way. When visiting a new account, few users will remain interested if the photos are low quality. To ensure successful follower engagement, devote your attention and efforts to capturing good quality images and editing them to ensure that they are crisp and clear.

Be creative with how you capture the image. Try taking photos from multiple perspectives to figure out the best way to visually represent the subject of your post. Experiment with focusing on different parts of the image to direct attention to certain details. Also consider the effect of colors on user interest. A recent study suggested that photos with red tones attracted the most attention, while green photos came in second, and blue photos ranked last.

Link your accounts

One great way to increase your presence on social media is to use what you already have. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or another type of account, share information about your Instagram account. Some users prefer to follow one app over others, so give your followers the option to follow you on Instagram if they are already following you on other platforms.

Create a theme

Having a theme for your account creates familiarity. This makes your page seem connective and lets your content flow naturally. Being spontaneous has its merits, but sticking to a constant theme and aesthetic will help reinforce brand identity for followers you have and attract new ones, too.


The hashtag has become one of the most popular tools on social media to introduce and familiarize trends, ideas, and subjects. Using the correct hashtag can get your posts the most attention by targeting the correct audience. Instagram posts with around 11 hashtags are known to have the highest engagement. You are allowed to use 30 hashtags per post, but be cautious, as it may seem spammy to your followers.

Picking the right hashtags to use can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be too frustrating. Simply search for the hashtags you are considering using, and pick the ones that have 10,000+ posts associated with them. Also, in order to really increase your follower basis, post daily. Having new content will give users the most opportunities to be exposed and attracted to your account.


In order to have more people engage with your account, you need to engage more with other accounts. Increasing your presence and activity on Instagram is essential for gaining more followers. This involves liking and commenting on other accounts that have similar content to yours. However, be sure not go over Instagram’s limits, which would result in getting banned or marked as spam.

A good solution to this is to use an Instagram automation software. There are various software options that do this. They use “bots” to complete various tasks. The most common tasks include commenting on and liking posts, following, and unfollowing accounts. The benefits of an automation software are that it saves time, gives you the ability to be active 24/7, interact with more people, and ultimately increase the number of followers you have.

Set Goals

Write down goals you would like to achieve over the next few days, weeks, or months. Having small and tangible goals will make your ultimate goal seem more attainable. Make goals to gain a certain number of followers per week, for example.

Take note of what changes to your account resulted in a successful acquisition of followers. Repeat these actions and make them part of your routine, while trying new things out too. Happy posting, and good luck!