How to fill out a Job Application

Candidates have to fill in details on Job applications when applying for any new job position. Most employers may request new recruits to submit an updated employment application even if the candidate has already submitted a copy of his or her cover letter along with updated CV. Employment letter is one of the best ways for employers to collect all your detailed information and verification from your side via acknowledgement.

This means that you have to submit an application letter that is error free and correct to your knowledge. To fill in any job application letter you may have to fill in some of the basic required information stated below:-

Process for completing typical employment application form

Weather submitting your employment job application offline or online, you still need to ensure that you have completed each information and cross checked before you actually submit it.

Provide with past history of your employment

When providing with your information, it is certain that you may have to provide with complete details related to your past employment details. You may have to include your educational background details as well. It is important that you have provided with information date wise starting from your most recent employment. It is certain that dates provided and mentioned on your CV have to blend perfectly with the ones provided in your application.

Model Job application download

You can look around for sample job applications online and then download it for reviewing. This will offer you with best practice before you actually fill in your true copy for submission. When practicing fake application it is certain that can avoid making mistakes in real job application.

Request for sample copy

In case you are filling in job application at the job site then you can always request for a sample copy that has already been filled out by other employee. This copy can be used by you for verifying how to fill in the information.

It is possible for you to take this application along with you to take some additional time to fill it up precisely before submission.

Applying Job application in person

In case you have decided to visit the job site for your application then ensure that you are formally dressed up. There are chances that you may get to visit the HR manager so it is certain that you have to be well dressed. In few cases you may also be interviewed instantly.

Checklist for Job application

Please go through this provided job application check list before submitting.

Job applications – Online

Most job providers provide with an employment application online via their web portal. You can look around or their application online by searching the web search engine. The application needs to be filled in online and submitted. The fact is that there are a number of employers who may only request you to make the submission of online job applications only. You may have to make the submission using the web portal services provided or email them along with the cover letter.

Instructions to be followed

It is certain that you need to follow each set of information provided weather offline or online application. You need to go through terms and conditions provided.

Cross check before submission

It certainly is very much important that read each of the information you have provided on the job application form before you make the submission. The fact is that most employers expect true and accurate information by job seekers. In general, companies may not consider any job application that is incorrect or incomplete when submitted. Such job applications are simply rejected by human resources team.

Interview test

Some of the employers may also request you to go through a simple aptitude test before they actually hire you. It is certain that you may have to be qualified for their pre-employment aptitude. You can also look around for people who can advice you regarding the pre-employment exam. Some of the employers may also request you to undergo drug test before being hired.

Filling in details on Job application

You need to follow step by step guidelines when filling in your detailed information on application form. Always ensure each step has been followed.

Detailed information on Job application

Personal Data

  • Your name
  • Residential (Permanent) address including City, Zip and State code.
  • Contact details – Mobile phones, landline , pager or other contact information
  • Working permission for job US province
  • Your past conviction details (If any)
  • Your legal age when applying

Educational details

  • Details of your past college or school attended
  • Major degree completed
  • Professional diploma or degree earned
  • Complete details of day/month and year of each degree or diploma completed

Job position details

  • Mention the position of job you want to apply for
  • Your job hours availability
  • The date when you can join for your new job

Past employer details

  • Mention the detailed information including name, contact details and address of your past employers.
  • Provide with full name and designation of your supervisor
  • Dates till when you worked at the past employment
  • Your overall salary drawn in your past employment
  • Valid reason why you left or were terminated


  • You may have to provide with three to four reference details including name, address, contact details and relationship details.

Updated CV

In case you are having one prepared then you can submit it along with the job application online.

Job applications Sample

You can go through the sample application and collect basic idea regarding the filling in and submission of applications. You can request a print out and then go through it.

Job application letter sample

You can go through the sample letter for job application to prepare your request letter for enquiry or follow up procedure.