How to Dress Up for Your Skype Interview

When applying for a job role, the avenues taken when interviewing potential candidates has evolved tenfold. Rather than the candidate having to travel to a location to attend an interview, more businesses have taken to online platforms such as Skype to carry out their interviews. 

Given that the interview will be generally done from the comfort of our own home, it can be easy to assume that a more relaxed tone is fine, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s worth remembering that regardless of where the interview is being held, they will still be looking for a professional individual, so it’s important to ensure that we’re making the same effort at home. 

Wear a Complete Outfit 

Although this may sound comical on the surface, some people may only concentrate on the top half, but it’s important we make the same effort on our lower body. Not only does a complete outfit ensure that we’re taking the interview seriously, but it can also mean that we perform better as we will have more confidence. 

Trying to hold an interview when sat in our underpants may sound funny, but if it means losing out a lucrative role, many fail to see the funny side. Despite Skype interviews being more convenient, it also means that competition could be fiercer, so failing to make the right impression the first time could be detrimental. Even if you’ve been advised that casual attire is fine, refining your look for a Skype interview will ensure the potential employers are fully aware of how seriously you’re taking the potential role. 

Dress for the Camera 

Although some of us may be nervous when going in front of the camera the first time, others may jump at the prospect. However, it’s important that our efforts aren’t blighted by the clothes we wear. For example, lines can be very distracting on a computer screen because of the way images are processed, so a planned substitute may be more advisable. 

If you’re planning to wear a patterned outfit and you’re unsure of how the webcam will translate it, then it can be a good idea to teat out the outfit on webcam before the interview. In some instances, it may not be the outfit that’s the issue, but the settings of the camera itself, so this allows for some fine-tuning to be carried out rather than contending with it during the interview. 

Ensure Your Outfit Is Presentable

It’s one thing to wear smart clothing, but if it doesn’t look its best, it could be as detrimental as wearing jeans and a t-shirt. As such, it’s important to ensure that the outfit you’re planning to wear is fit for purpose. This includes making sure it’s clean, as well as making sure it freshly ironed. 

When preparing for a job interview it’s important not to leave things until the last minute, so it can be worthwhile getting your outfit ready the day before. 

Not only does this mean that there is less stress when gong on Skype, but it also ensures that you’re being proactive when dealing with problems. For example, if you were planning to wear a shirt that has a permanent stain, forward-thinking will ensure that you’re able to find a replacement quickly. 

Hair is Also Important 

As well as making an effort with our clothes, we should also ensure our hair is tidy. A shirt will do very little to mask the unprofessionalism of a bed head. 

Again, factoring in some additional time allows us to ensure we’re looking our best before stepping in front of the camera. Taking some time to consider what we look like before the job interview will help give the right impression when speaking to potential employers. 

It also ensures that our mind is on the job at hand, and not worrying about the way we look. This ensures that we’re able to make a more informed decision as to whether we should except a tole or not. Attending a Skype interview can involve an element of self-discipline, but the benefits available are worth the additional investment of time. 

Written by Stuart Cooke, Digital Marketing Manager at MAHI providers of ethically sourced leather accessories aimed at young professionals.