How to Design Innovative CBD Packaging That Will Get Your Product Noticed

Cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of the cannabis plant, has become popular as an alternative therapeutic treatment to traditional medication. Its health benefits are wide, ranging from reducing anxiety, promoting sleep, and helping manage pain. But if you’re thinking of going into the CBD business, you’ll have to consider how best you can package all these benefits so your customers don’t lose out on any. You’ll also want to make sure that your packaging stands out so your customers will recognise your brand and products anywhere. So how do you do that? Let’s take a look.

What is the best way to design and package CBD?

The first step is to decide what kind of CBD product you want to sell. CBD products can come in a variety of forms that include oils and tinctures, tablets and capsules, beauty and skincare products and beverages, and edibles. So, because there are many different types of products, it goes without saying that the type and design of packaging depend on the type of product. That’s why GPA Global offers practical CBD packaging solutions for every type of CBD product on the market so you can rest assured that the quality of your product is sealed and preserved well. These are just a few of the best and innovative ways to pack CBD products:

●  Oils and tinctures
These are best packaged in dark glass bottles with a dropper for easy dosage and use. We also recommend that the box have cushioning inside to avoid any breakage.

●  Tablets and capsules
Just like any other pills, these can be packed in plastic or glass jars or paper pouches.

●  Beauty and skincare products
Beauty product packaging is versatile and can be designed in plastic, glass, metal, or even plastic options.

●  Beverages
Most CBD-infused beverages are packaged in metal cans, glass bottles, or pouches.

Once you have decided on the type of packaging that best suits your product, you can start personalising it with the finer details like shapes, colours, and labeling.

Should your CBD packaging be sustainable?

Yes, CBD packaging should be sustainable just like any other product packaging. An innovative way to do this is to design and create your packaging with high-fibre hemp paper stock. This ensures minimal waste because you use the same plants you grow to source CBD. Hemp material is also organic meaning that it’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Statistics show that 63% of solid waste produced by the U.S. comes from packaging material so it’s important that brands consider how their packaging doesn’t contribute to a negative impact on the environment. GPA Global supports big solutions that have a small footprint by engineering their own sustainable materials.

Are there any CBD packaging regulations that can impact your design?

Because CBD still poses many questions and research on the compound is still ongoing, there may be a few unique packaging and marketing challenges that you could face. But there are a few guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your product and packaging are lawfully marketed.

These are a few regulations to consider when designing CBD packaging:


Make your labels clear and easy to read. Include your product name and general information. It might be tempting to embellish the benefits of your CBD product but don’t add any misleading or false claims by any means.

List of contents

Include a list of ingredients and contents including nutritional information and amounts of active compounds.

Add transparency

Include a batch code and manufactured date so customers know you’re transparent about the quality of your products.

Tell your customers how to use your product

Include instructions in your packaging so customers know how best to use your products.

Balancing Design with Innovation

Sometimes it’s not the loud and heavy-aesthetic packaging that stands out but the simple packaging that provides a solution. The first step to designing CBD packaging that gets your product noticed is to focus on your product and brand goals. Doing so will help you find a balance between design and innovation. Once you have prioritised your goals and needs, you need an innovative packaging solutions provider that breaks the mold and explores unchartered waters.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Packaging

●  Can CBD oil be stored in plastic?

CBD oil shouldn’t be packaged in plastic because it can decrease the longevity of CBD oil. It tends to react harshly when in contact with plastic for long periods of time. CBD oil generally has a shelf life of two years and the best way to give it a full shelf life is to package it in dark glass bottles to prevent light from decomposing it and degrading its quality.

●  Does CBD packaging need to be child-resistant?

CBD can be unsafe for children and so yes, CBD packaging that’s child resistant is an advantage. GPA Global ensures that your CBD products are safe around children with their rigorous testing and high-standard certification.

●  What is custom CBD packaging?

This is a packaging solution that’s specific to your brand’s and customer’s needs. They communicate your brand and ensure that your product is stored and transported in the best possible way to preserve its quality.

●  Are there any benefits of custom CBD packaging?

There are many benefits of custom packaging. You can choose which material and design suits your product and brand best and offer you a durable solution. It can also be more cost-effective because you are getting exactly what you need in terms of size and shape so there’s no room for waste. Custom CBD packaging can separate your products from the others on the shelf by creating brand recognition.