How The Wedding Industry Is Shifting Online

These days it seems like everything is going digital. From hailing cabs to ordering food, everything has a digital element to it. However, when it comes to traditional industries, like the wedding industry, digital elements are slower to make an impact.

While weddings have been around for thousands of years, digital technology is rapidly transforming traditions. One great example of this is the bridal party fashion retailer, Azazie, which has taken every single element that goes into buying a dress and flipped it on its head. Their story is one that’s taken a straightforward practice and turned it into an amazing community, which is a rare feat in the branding world. They’ve found a niche, and have established themselves as a proven player in the industry. Here’s why:

They’re Social

Perhaps one of the best qualities in attracting people is that Azazie has built a community on social media, specifically with Instagram. As noted by Pew Research, 32% of the Internet’s population is on the platform, making it one of the most popular apps out there. And while a lot of companies do a great job on social in terms of building a following, they lack engagement, which is where Azazie has thrived. However, weddings are still big business on social, with almost 12 million posts on the Instagram alone with the hashtag #weddingdress, it’s impressive that they’ve been able to stick out amongst such stiff competition.

What’s made Azazie successful in their social efforts is their ability to showcase real women wearing their dresses. These aren’t supermodels or even promoted posts. Instead, they’re people who’ve bought their product and are excited to share it with the world. This started organically, tied into the ethos of the company, because they are committed to making everyone feel amazing on this special day. Furthermore, when you factor in their price point and accessibility, the company has a knack for making women feel comfortable. However, the success on social didn’t just come out of thin air; it’s actually been built into the buying process before they even try anything on.

They Simplify the Buying Process

While the advertising on social brings in new customers, they focus on other avenues as well. According to a report published by TechCrunch, 79% of consumers now shop online. However, when it comes to clothes, this can be difficult, especially when it comes to sizing and returns.

Azazie can curate each dress in any size. Think of this as going to a tailor, only with the entire experience going back and forth online. Even though they aren’t the first to do this, they figured out how to eliminate the unnecessary clutter in the process, providing a direct line of communication to ensure the most accurate fit. Additionally, they work with wedding parties on getting everything settled weeks in advance,. This process, coupled with their commitment to customer service, has given them the ability to thrive.

An Outstanding View on The Customer Experience

Beyond just walking through the buying process, the elements of trying on a dress can be nerve-racking. In the traditional buying pattern, women go to a tailor of the bride’s choice, and they don’t know what type of experience they’re going to have. For this reason, Azazie’s sample program provides a level of comfort that is unmatched. Additionally, if one member of the bridal party doesn’t feel comfortable, the company’s customer service representatives work tirelessly with the bride or bridesmaid to ease their frustrations..

As noted by HelpScout, loyal customers are worth up to 10x more than their initial purchases, which Azazie understands very well. Despite most of their base only needing a dress for one occasion, they also know that if a bride has a positive experience going into her wedding day, she’ll be more likely to recommend the service to her friends and family.

The process of buying a wedding dress can be a tough for many women, but Azazie makes it incredibly easy. Not only are they disrupting the wedding industry, but ecommerce in general.


With the wedding process going digital, what are some innovations that you’ve been impressed with? Comment with your answers below!