How do CSC centres contribute to developing India?

CSC or Common Service Centres were established in the year 2006. This was a part of the NeGP, i.e. the National eGovernance Plan. People from rural India are going for CSC registration and are relying on this service to avoid long queues outside the government offices. The CSC works as delivery centres for e-governance in the country. The functioning of CSC is based on the PPP (Public-Private Partnership Model). The local entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to start these centres, and they must possess infrastructure of basic computing. They run these centres and receive payment for every transaction that they can commence.

The functioning of Common Service Centres

There are around 6 lakh villages in rural India that enjoy the facility of these centres. The count of this CSCs in these villages is approximately 1.5 lakhs. Some of these were non-functional for a long time now, however, the latest move by the Indian Government regarding cash-on-delivery for its citizens under G2C (government-to-citizen) services these centres will hopefully revive with time. The CEO of this CSC services explained the need of the CSC registration and said that the mindset of a large number of citizens could be changed if they are insulated by this G2C service and visit government offices motivated by the cash-on-delivery mode of CSC.

One example of the success of CSCs is under its Aadhar card related services more than 10 percent of the total number of Aadhar card enrolled in the country has been done through the CSC registration.

Indian Navy recruitment with the help of online application through CSCs

The recruitment for the Indian Navy is now possible through online applications submitted by candidates. These online form fill-up and the process is carried out with the help of CSCs. The candidates are offered assistance in the process of recruitment in the navy by CSCs such as they are helped in filling-up their form online. They will also help rural candidates to participate in this recruitment process. The CSC SPV allows the Indian Navy to access their network throughout India and help them with online form filling and online recruitment services. The CSC also assists Navy in marketing and advertising their vacancies by putting up banners for publicity at CSC locations.

The MOU exchanged between TCS and CSC academy for skills

An MOU was exchanged between TCS and CSC academy regarding skill development in the rural parts of the country. Presently, the rural people of India get access to nearly 300 skill ecosystem development courses through the CSC network.

MOU exchanged for healthcare services between 2.5 NVG Essilor and CSC

The MOU exchanged determined that CSC network helped in eye testing and distribution of glasses to those in need. The price of the spectacles is reasonable and affordable for all.


The CSCs have earned nearly 40 crores in the banking industry through their services. The rural people concentrate on paying electric bills, applying for an identity card, applying for ration card, help in applying for jobs and CSCs offer government schemes and many more such services. The CSCs are steadily bringing about a revolution in rural parts of the country.