How Digital Transformation Has Affected Our Daily Lives

The world has changed a lot and has transformed all areas of our daily life. How people communicate and consume information is different from the past. According to a study published by Weforum showing the incredibly fast evolution of the Internet from 1995 till today, in the 1995 only 0.4% (16millions of people) of word population was using internet in their daily activities, in December 2005 15.7% (1,018millions of people), in December 2017 54.4% (4,157millions of people). And still the study reports: “The age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention spans, even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer. In 2010, another research team at the University of Michigan found a 40% decline among students in every definition of empathy among college students, as compared to their counterparts 20 years previous, with most of this decline coming after the year 2000.

In this article we analyze two main areas most affected by the tech and digital revolution: payment processing,

Payment Processing

Currently, a large portion of consumers considers a credit card to be a handy and valuable tool for their lifestyle. If you do not have one yet, it is essential that you know the following: To request a credit card, it will be mandatory for the financial institution to evaluate you. They examine your credit history, which determines whether approve the petition or not. After the evaluation, they set a limit on the amount of credit that you have. It’s vital that you understand that the times you use your credit card will be similar as requesting for a loan from your bank, for which they pay what you bought, and then you repay the bank back.

According to Swype Fast, an exceptional advantage in joining the latest credit card programs is able to pay expenses and use money in the form of credit. This means that, for example, when you do not have the right amount, a credit card will allow you to complete the purchase. Also, one of the best benefits is that it provides you with the possibility of withdrawing money from wherever you are. Plus, you get the possibility of executing your payments, wherever you are.

Also, by using a credit card, you will have the opportunity to customize your payment terms. This means that you can pay what you previously spent based on the conditions that you consider efficient. With this process, you gain more interests in your bill.

Media Coverage

The digital revolution has made online presence and sustainability the key to adapt and embrace the new trends. The digital media world is constantly evolving, and new strategies and resources are emerging on a daily basis. As a company that has just started, you must be wondering where to begin with this avalanche of new information. According to GoodNoon, a PR company specialized in media coverage, concepts such as video marketing, micro-influencers, and chatbots, in the digital era are more than necessary to build a brand’s online authority and reputation.

Micro-influencers – the ones who have between 10,000 and 500,000 followers – have revolutionized the way we make purchase decisions, not only of products but also services. Chatbots from their side (meaning computer programs aiming to solve any customer’s queries and make their experience a more productive one) in the digital world are taking over humans. And according to the Chatbots Magazine Report, more than 60% of consumers agree that chatbots are an excellent source when it comes to a full 24-hour service and solving simple questions. These artificial intelligence programs, like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are taking

over the market because of one simple reason: interaction. Customers get to know the brand, products, and services by assertive communication with chatbots. Your own because this is the year to test them!