High Ticket Coaches: Umesh Agarwal on Mentoring Credit Millionaires

Many credit fixing agencies have emerged over the years. With them, a lot of credit gurus have surfaced, promising credit repair expertise with unique credit hacks. What makes Umesh Agarwal, a credit guru, CEO of UAG LLC, and co-founder of Credit 101 stand out is his clients’ overflowing positive testimonials, his expertise honed through the years, and his values transcending merely earning money off his mentees.

Umesh is a travel enthusiast and an engineer before he became an expert in credit. After his co-worker introduced him to the essence and huge potential of travel hacking using miles and airline rewards, he abandoned his full-time job and changed careers to become his own boss.

Born in an ambitious, business-centered family, Umesh was a natural entrepreneur. It was easier for him to get involved in mastering the art of leveraging credit. After establishing his name in the industry, he explored mentoring in 2019. His approach was helping educate people on credit arbitrage, crafting his courses in a way that is very easy to understand. He does not promise an unrealistically fast result in his mentorship but guarantees quality information that you can only get from him. Since he understands well that most people are scared or ignorant about credit, his goal is to break down this wall and let them know how important credit is and make them understand that any credit mistakes have solutions.

Umesh offers a service where he would teach people how to open a credit repair agency and sometimes even fund them to get started. His coaching packages include a VIP group on Instagram where he shares travel deals and hacks, as well as a one on one mentoring program. He also helps others who want to leverage credit cards to fix their personal scores. He also offers a subscription to a private group called the Inner Circle, co-administered by his friend and business partner, Shawm Sharma. You can visit his website to learn more and see his students’ testimonials.

His services are divided into different tiers, from one-time calls to more consistent ones, depending on the goal of the client. He also engages in both video and audio calls to teach his mentees. Interested people undergo an application process. He often looks for people with exceptional motivation and a good personal story. Qualifying for his mentorship will give you access to monthly exclusive unpublished lessons about credit and travel hacking, an opportunity to learn from different guest speakers they invite for their lectures, weekly 1-hour individualized calls to address your problems and questions about the program if you have any, and getting connected with a community of like-minded business owners.

With credit knowledge increasingly being in demand these days, Umesh Agarwal’s offers would serve as a great start to work your way to becoming a credit millionaire. His success story proves that everyone can be creative enough to build their own ladders to success. Using his and his business partners’ collective expertise, you are promised to see significant results and skip all the beginner mistakes that consume the first few months of rookie hackers. All you have to do is contact him on his page or Instagram account and get started.