From Instagram to Instaglam: Why Celebrities Prefer Using Instagram than Facebook?

Social media plays a huge part in every human’s life today. From the young generation to the young at hearts; we just can’t help but stay online. Many of us find it hard to resist because no matter what we do temptations are everywhere.

Facebook is the most popular social networking application of all. It’s a usual app that lets us connect with family and friends who are away and those we haven’t seen in forever. Although similar to Facebook, Instagram is not something to miss. I bet that everyone who has a Facebook account also enjoys being an Instagram user.

Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook. Just like other social network application, you can post photos and videos, share pages, like and comment, tag someone or interact with them through private messages.

Most of us have a Facebook account, right? But do we ever wonder why celebrities prefer using Instagram than Facebook, here are the reasons why:

Borderline of Follower to Friend

Facebook is more intrusive than Instagram, and as we all know, celebrities crave for privacy. As their life being in public 24/7, they find ways to find solace in their bizarre lifestyle. Posting only the things they want their fans to see.

The term “Friend” doesn’t work for celebrities. So instead of adding a friend, celebrities prefer to have Instagram followers. In that way, they can keep a borderline between followers and friends. Who does want to be friends with people they barely even know?

No Limit to the number of Followers

Some celebrities are narcissists, and Instagram appeals to them. It gives them the self-importance they’re looking for.

Unlike Facebook that has a limit number of friends, Instagram followers can go to infinity and beyond. Whose celebrity doesn’t want millions, billions, or even trillions of followers?

Better Engagement for Brands and Celebrities

Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users compared to 300 million daily active Instagram users. It is stated clearly that Facebook has higher numbers. According to Socialbakers, celebrities rule Instagram, with an engagement rate of 3.8 times greater than Facebook.

Though Facebook may have more users, brands and celebrities are getting more engagement on Instagram. This could only mean that when it comes to advertising, Instagram is more beneficial than Facebook.

Witty Posts Get Paid

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kardashian-Jenners sisters, and the Queen Beyonce Knowles, are some of the most followed celebrities on Instagram. Most of them use Instagram to show their luxurious lives. From wearing the latest fashion to traveling on a private jet, or just hanging out with the coolest people on the planet, high pay comes with high stakes.

What they post on social media could make or break them. They have to be meticulous, fast-paced and perfect at the same time all the time. With extra cash on the line, celebrities need their Rapidbot to be relevant.

Directly Interact with Fans

On Facebook, a person needs to send a friend request first before they can interact with each other, but on Instagram, a person just needs to follow a person.

Some celebrities use Instagram to easily allow their fans to reach and update them on the latest happening in their lives. Their Rapidbot can react to their posts through likes and comments without any long-term commitment. This way, they can gain more fans to make their brands more popular.


Being at this era, social media channels is already a part of our daily lives, there is no denying the fact whatever the effect social media is to our personal growth we just need to really deal and embrace it. Now it is up to us if we can gain advantange to this technology that is with in our society now.

It doesn’t matter what social media app are we rooting for, it’s how we used it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, can be helpful if we will consider the consequences of our actions. It can be a great connection between family and friends, and celebrities and fans. We can support our idols without bashing the others. Think before you click and ask before you act.