Five Mistakes in Social Media Marketing That May Come Back to Haunt You

Traditional marketing still holds immense importance in this day and age but it has been supplemented by other marketing techniques as well. With the advent of digital media, social media marketing is now highly popular. More businesses are adopting the ideology of social media to enhance their online visibility and cultivate more profits.

Even though social media marketing is pretty lucrative, not all businesses manage to leverage the complete potential stored in it. In fact, some businesses are negatively impacted by the harmful strategies they adopt experiencing huge losses.

Here are five social media marketing mistakes that haunts the businesses back and must be avoided at any cost:

Overlooking negative feedback

Customers are the king in all cases. It is imperative to take care of them no matter where they come from. Businesses often tend to overlook negative feedbacks. When a negative comment comes on social media regarding your business, it is important to do something about it.

Customers are interested in the way businesses respond to their feedback. Make them feel wanted and they will come back despite of the initial poor quality you served. The way you serve customers sometimes prove to be more important than the actual thing you are selling in the first place.


Social media can be used to develop better social connection with customers by sharing different sorts of stuff like textual information, visuals and videos. But there is a limit to everything. Even your customers do not want their newsfeed to be flooded with your business content. Share the right thing on the right time in the right quantity. There is no need to over share or you would lose your followers and customers.

Scheduling same post on all platforms

This is perceived as a lazy habit by your customers. In this day and age, your customer would likely be present on all social media platforms. It is important to take advantage of all platforms in a strategic manner.

Keep in mind that one thing that would work on Facebook might not necessarily work on Instagram. This is why it is important to understand the nature of each platform and alter the strategies accordingly.

Being rigid and boring

Customers want new content all the time. It is important for your social media to be unique. Reposting the content would do no good to your business, in fact it would have a negative impact.

Posting content that is not relevant to your business would bore the audience. You don’t have to share each and everything. Posting more is necessary but along with it, maintain the quality.

No marketing to existing customers

Most social media marketers tend to forget their existing customers in order to attract new ones. This is one of the biggest mistakes a business person can commit because it can result into losing a large portion of revenue. Retain the existing customers and then focus on new ones.