Easy Ways To Call Home and Help Overcome Homesick Blues

Living in a new country isn’t easy, even if you already speak the language and have gainful employment. Studies find that homesickness is a universal feeling among people who leave home, whether they’re in a new part of their own country or they move across the world. It used to be much more common to talk about homesickness even a hundred years ago, but as the expectations to leave home for greener pastures have become a global phenomenon, people have become more reluctant to talk about it. For Nigerians living in Canada, homesickness is a common feeling.

Homesickness is a theme that’s been found in even the most ancient texts, from Homer to Confucius. In the ancient world, exile was a state of suffering, but it can be hard to reconcile yourself to those feelings when you chose to leave for better opportunities. Homesickness is a real emotion regardless of the reasons you came to Canada and calling your family and friends can help you cope with what you’re feeling by keeping you in touch with the place that will always feel like home.

How to Call Nigeria from Canada

There’s a better way to call Nigeria from Canada than the calling cards you might be used to. If every calling card you’ve ever tried has come with surprise fees that eat away at the money stored on your card, it’s time to try something new.

One new way to make cheap calls to Nigeria is using G3 Telecom, a company that offers pay-as-you-go calling and no-contract monthly subscriptions to make long distance calls. What makes it different from the calling cards you’re probably used?

· There are no hidden fees

· Cheap home phone plans are also available

· The call quality is superior

· You can manage your account entirely online

· They have a mobile app that simplifies calling, paying, and looking up rates

Long distance calling with G3 Telecom is part of a new wave of long distance calling that uses apps and online management to make calling home easier. Mobile apps don’t just simplify pay-as-you-go, they also mean you can skip the country codes and PINs to call your contacts the same way you would if you made a local call. Mobile apps also let you look up the rate it costs to call your destination from your present location, so you always know how much you’re going to spend. They’re great ways to keep your long distance calls on a tight budget without sacrificing time spent talking with your family.

Homesickness is very similar to grief; it can make working, supporting your family, and just getting up in the morning harder. When you’re grieving, you need the support of family and friends, but if it’s too expensive to call regularly, stop by G3 Telecom today and learn about how you can get better quality calls at lower rates. Nothing can keep you grounded and nourish your well-being better than talking to your family back home. Find out how you can make cheap calls to Nigeria and overcome your homesickness!