Don’t Face Swap, Drop those Annoying Pounds

You know that app called Face Swap that allows you to switch faces with a friend or a photo in real time? I could use it right now, but only if I get to keep the body of the shapely celebrity I swap faces with. I’m so frustrated with mine, if I could unzip it, I’d step out of it and leave it in the dust. Working in the tech industry has meant long hours sitting at my desk, in my office, on the road, on planes and everywhere except on a treadmill. I’ve been racked by weight loss issues for years, and have grown tired of the gimmicks, cleanses, detoxes and fasts that leave me so hungry, when I do start eating again, I’m as ravenous as a bear preparing for hibernation.

I don’t want a gastric procedure, and honestly, with my other condition called irritable bowel syndrome, I’m not sure I’d qualify. I will take the advice of a friend and shop Groupon for a deal on Nutrisystem. We’ve been avid Groupon shoppers for years. Before she moved away, we tried out new restaurants together, threw Girl’s Night Out parties, and saved on home decor, clothes and we even tried a dating service. And there’s no telling how many pairs of shoes I’ve bought with a Groupon in hand. When she texted a recent photo to me, I was amazed to see her transformation. Like me, as she moved deeper into middle age, losing the weight became harder. But now that I’ve learned more about the Nutrisystem program, I’m willing to stop the excuses, and try it like she did.

The thought of being deprived of my favorite salty, crunchy and starchy foods sends me into a bit of a panic, but she says Nutrisystem has more than 150 menu options which will keep me sated and satisfied. There’s lots of support from people who’ve achieved a healthy weight and will help me stay motivated to reach my goal. She said unlimited counselling is included in the monthly fee, and their team members are just a phone call away.

When I saw the Groupon codes which offer significant discounts off the price of their plans, I decided to give it a try. There’s one that’s good for 40% off and you get free bars and shakes. I have nothing to lose but the annoying signs and symptoms of my condition. Of course, I’ll consult my doctor about the plan, but I figure if millions have already tried it and have really achieved the results they share in the testimonials, I need to get on this right away. Who knows, before long, someone might want to swap bodies with me.