Top 10 T-shirt mockups PSD templates you can’t miss

There are many ways through which companies can use to market their products. Among them, t-shirt mockups are becoming more and more popular among marketers.

A t-shirt mockup is simply a black t-shirt design. You can use it for marketing by adding the design of your product on it.

These mockups are mostly used with models who wear them to present the products to customers. Effective application, however,The effectivethat you select a great mockup design most appealing to your audience.

There are very many designs on the market today. Identifying one to serve you the best might be overwhelming. You need to go through the best ones before you make your selection.

But which design is the best? That is the question that many people find hard to answer. Everyone has their own taste in almost everything. Even with the mockup designs, you should look for your preferred designs.

In this article, we are going to make the work a bit easier or you. If you are a beginner, the 10 designs highlighted below should get you started.

Graphic River

Graphic River offers a great deal of choices for those into paid designs. The mockups have faces of the most famous designs to increase your chances of fame. They are simple to use as you only need Photoshop.

Custom ink

Create your own custom designs with custom ink. You can simply drag and drop your images on the t-shirt. You can take your time to design the t-shirt then choose to add another design if you feel so. This way you can even add a hoodie. This template offers a great chance of those in the dropshipping services.


There are many designs on the market for mockups. Placeit offer a greater taste of variety to this. You can never miss your favorite design as there are over 3700 mockups on the website.

Print Aura

Perhaps you are looking for t-shirts from different brands. If so this is the place to look for the mockup. You can select a face of any model and add to the t-shirt to make it more appealing. Then you can still your own design and text.

Mockup world

Mockup World is one of the best places to get free mockup PSD. There are plain t-shirts and some with faces to choose from.


A range of great creative mockups is found here. A variety of lifestyle images with different t-shirts are available for easy selection.

Creative market

Get to creative market for a great range of mockups. There are great t-shirt designs to pick from and you will never miss your favorite one.


There are many pages of great designs to pick from on Elvato. There are mockups for different other items as well.

Design by humans

You can modify this template for a great t-shirt mockup. If you need image tips as well, you have the right place to get the best.


As cafepress, you have the best designs to supplement you dropshipping. Get custom designs to create your own unique style.