The Best Spa Robes to Buy

Slipping into the right bathrobe feels like a cozy hug from a special friend. It feels amazing. Therefore it is not right to settle for plain stained or ugly robes. Whether you prefer warm and fleecy or terrycloth to slip in right after a shower, you can find a spa robe that suits your style and preference. A good looking robe is comfortable and is also a pleasure to wear.

Luxurious Women’s Spa Robes

  • The classic robe from parachute: made from 100% Turkish cotton, this robe will keep you warm after a shower, cuddle up on the sofa or keep you cozy as you lounge around the house. The classic rob has a shawl collar, two front pockets, and tie waist. It is light and thus feels comfortable on the skin and perfect for all weather conditions. The classic robe comes in two colors; white and gray. The robe reaches mid-calf but if you are a short person it will be longer. It is more expensive than the other robes.
  • The waffle weave Robe: if you have ever spent a day at the spa, you are certainly familiar with the white waffle weave spa robes that are provided in hotels and spas during your treatments. This robe will give you that pampered feeling. It is a blend of Turkish cotton and Polyester and as such, it is not too hot or too heavy. This robe is a perfect choice for going around in the swimming pool. It can also be worn straight out of the shower while traveling, or as you relax in the house. It’s lightweight, comfortable and available in a wide range of colors such as red, pink, green, blue and navy. However, it is not thick and fleecy.
  • Pajama Mania women’s fleece robes: this robe feels soft and cozy against your skin. This is going to be your robe if you want to get cozy as you watch TV or laze around the house. It has two front pockets, two front pockets, inner ties, belt, and a shawl collar. It is also soft and comfy robe thanks to its high-quality fleece fabric. It is a popular item on Amazon and has received lots of positive reviews. There are lots of different colors and patterns to choose from. However, some people find the robe to be too small as it hits around mid-calf. There are cute patterns available and you can find the robe at a reasonable price.
  • The lightweight woven robe from Alexander Del Rossa: made from 100% preshrunk cotton this robe is a perfect choice for summer wear as it is lightweight and feels very climate when worn in a warm climate. If you come from a warm region you will appreciate this robe all year long. You can choose a lot of colors and patterns to add a touch of style to your look. There are inner ties to help you fasten the robe and two front pockets. It will keep you relaxed after a shower as you lounge in the morning or while reading your favorite novel or magazine. The fabric is smooth and has a tight weave which is often hard to find. It resists wrinkles and is easy to wash. It comes in various sizes from small to extra large. The mid-calf length is also reasonable to most people. You can pick from different patterns and colors depending on your personal preferences.

Kimono Style Robes

Kimono robes have slowly gained popularity because they drape superbly and have lovely Asian-themed patterns and colors. Despite their sensual appeal, you can keep every part of your body covered. For instance, the old Shanghai that is made of polyester satin has side pockets, inert ties, and a slide slot. The silky soft fabric resembles real silk. You can even wear it as a fashionable clad as you go outdoors. You just need to layer it over jeans and a fancy top for a funky look. The kimono style robe is loved by women globally.

There are different pretty colors to choose from with peacock and floral patterns. The robe is one size fits all. It falls up to the ankle and therefore can suit women of most women of average height. If you are a small sized person, the robe might not fit well.

Terry bathrobes feel cozy if you slide in after a shower or a bath. It feels soft against your skin because the fabric has absorbent qualities that soak up any remaining drops for water on your body thereby leaving you warm and comfortable. It is made from 100% cotton. This soft and luxurious Turkish cotton fabric will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable especially after a long tiring day.

Apparently, there are a lot of women who have a special preference for terrycloth robe. There are lots of reviews online of buyers who love the softness of terry, its lightweight feel, and the fluffiness. There is a downside to the fabric which is that the fabric may tear or unravels although this happens rarely or after several washes.

Bamboo Blend Bathrobes

These are the kinds of robes that are made using the pulp of bamboo grass. The gowns are soft to touch and therefore they will normally feel great against the skin. The main advantage of the robes made of bamboo is that they do not lose their shine even after several washes. They will still look new. Besides that, the fabric has antibacterial properties that will help you repel bacteria.

The main disadvantage to the robes is that they have a low absorbency and therefore is not ideal when it comes to keeping you warm. However, most manufacturers counteract this issue by blending the fabric with other materials such as cotton.

There are many advantages to owning a pair or two robes. They provide you warmth and also help you to cover up when opening the door to an unexpected visitor.