How LGBTQ Brand Daddy Couture is using Social Media and Celebrities to Grow in 2019?

A top-rising fashion brand, Daddy Couture, has won the hearts of many people in the gay community due to their wide range of hoodies, shirts, and much other fashionable attire. Daddy Couture has a strong belief that regardless of an individual’s sexual orientation or gender, any person can become a daddy and there is no better way to reflect this than using a clothing line that reflects this.

How does Daddy Couture increase their online presence?

In this modern age, where the use of social media has a great impact on the way different businesses run, Daddy Couture has created a strong presence on their Instagram page where they showcase their LGBTQ-friendly clothing line.

Chris Crocker and Tiffany Pollard are the top models that Daddy Couture has partnered with to push their Instagram a notch higher. Chris Crocker particularly has enabled this brand to reach a bigger audience around the globe.

Is there a market need for the Daddy Couture attire?

Yes, there is a huge need for this clothing line. Having been launched in May 2018, Daddy Couture online presence has grown significantly with the current Instagram followers standing at over 18,000 in less than one year. Customers of Daddy Couture have tagged hundreds of photos wearing the attire on Instagram, thus helping to increase their customer base and spread the awareness of the existence of the line.

Headquartered at New York City, one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, Daddy Couture has selected an ideal city to launch their global products from.

This is what Daddy Couture is doing right.

In order for any company to grow that fast within a short period of time, there are various underlying strategies evident. These are some reasons that have likely made Daddy Couture stand out.

Focus on their target audience. This kind of attire is not meant for everyone and it is definitely not a brand for the mainstream. Unlike many other brands in the same niche, that try to appeal to everybody, Daddy Couture is clear on their business and there are very few, if any, brands that can pose as a direct competitor of the Daddy Couture brand. Being the only player in the market makes it easier for Daddy Couture to attract customers and has been able to retain them by producing attires that meet the needs of the customers.

Proper use of social media. As stated earlier, social media has a great impact and Daddy Couture has made their Instagram page to be very active and even some of the customers are able to connect with each other through the appreciation of the Daddy Couture products. In turn, this has created a loyal following and customer base

Design and craftsmanship of the Daddy Couture clothes. With a target audience of LGBTQ people, Daddy Couture has designed clothes that fit right in the target audience market. Their design appeals to the people that are likely to buy them and there is a close connection with the Daddy Couture.

With less than a year in the market, the future looks really bright for Daddy Couture. For instance, there is a high possibility that it could join hands and advocate for gay rights. This would definitely position them as a huge brand that is not only in business but it shows care and concern to the gay community, 2019 definitely seems to be a good year for Daddy Couture.