Create Themed, Interactive Parties at a Venue or in the Pool

Designing a party that has a fun atmosphere is what it’s all about, whether it is for friends or work colleagues. You want to be known for making your parties the must-attend events in your social circle. There are different ways to go about producing a memorable party that everyone enjoys and talks about on social media during and after it’s over.

Let’s explore a few ways that you can pull off an awesome party.

Tri-Camera Booth for Multiple Uses

The award-winning Infinite photo booth is just the thing for a happening event. The booth is tall with a steady stand, so placing it in a prominent position is not a problem. It comes with a white reflective rear shield and direct sources of light within the unit to reflect light up into the faces of the people waiting to take their photo. There are three cameras to capture every moment perfectly. The expansive color display shows the photos to help you decide the ones to keep and those to discard.

The product is updatable with new upgrades as they’re released. The Infinite portable photo booth for sale is the latest model with HD-quality camera lenses and bright illumination to bathe partygoers in a dependable light source even in darkened rooms. Tall, sleek and perfectly formed, for simplicity and discretion, partygoers will enjoy getting their solo or group snaps taken without a selfie stick!

Underwater Photos at the Pool Party

In a first one of its kind, the Underwater photo booth benefited from some enterprising engineers who figured out a way to go all aquatic without losing the shot. There are underwater cameras and even a display screen on the front to see the image clearly. The RFID system used to tag items in a store is the technology that’s used to transmit the photos. Party guests will be sharing some unique pool photos in no time with this little marvel.

Turn the photos into branding opportunities with your logo or layout overlaid if it is a corporate event. Print out photos right at the party for guests to take home with them. The digital photos can also be shared on social media too. The booth can be booked and comes with props and staff to help guests get ready for their big underwater moment!

Party Games to Break the Ice

When the guests at a corporate party don’t know each other well, you need to get people mingling, interacting and letting their guard down. Plan out some party games and perhaps hire an entertainer to get the attendees communicating, participating and playing along.

Playing dress up is a great way to encourage co-workers to let their hair down. Pulling them out of their element and the office mindset makes staff open to playing party games. Once the games are in full flow, employees who don’t know each other will create new connections that help inter-office communication down the road.

A themed party with a photo booth to capture shared moments brings any party to life. For friends getting together, it can be a riot. For work colleagues, it breaks them out of their little groups, widening their circle of contacts.