Benefits of Crowdsourced Logo Design Platforms

To make your business stand out from the crowd, you need an outstanding business logo that can attract the attention of people. It is a good idea to hire a design firm to create your business designs that will generate optimum results. But getting the services of a design company may drain your business funds. Start-up businesses do not always have enough funds to create the best and effective logos or designs for their business. Here is where crowdsourced design platforms can help. Instead of hiring a whole firm, crowdsourced platforms are outsourcing services which are cost-effective and more creative. 

Here are some of the benefits of crowdsourced logo design platforms.


Most of the time, when you hire a design firm or a freelancer, they will ask you to pay half of the amount in advance and the rest is paid once the design is completed. It will cost you thousands of dollars to hire a designer but crowdsourced design platforms are much cheaper than hiring a firm or an individual designer. 

Start-ups and small businesses can get decent and creative designs and logos from such platforms at a reduced price. 

Stamps out Overhead

Small businesses make sure that their creative team is doing according to their preferences but many times they are in a tough situation. It increases the cost with salaries, taxes and other benefits of employees and many times the enterprises don’t even need them.

There are many crowdsourced platforms which are offering a wide range of designs from banner ads, email campaigns, brochure designs to many more.

Multiple Design Options

You have limited access to the designs when you hire an individual designer or a designing firm. They will show you two to three designs but with the crowdsourced platforms, you can get multiple designs. You can even have hundreds of designs depending on the popularity of your design contest. DesignBro is one of the crowdsourcing platforms which offers multiple designs to the users.

Creates a buzz for your business

Creating a buzz for your new business is another  benefit of using crowdsourced platforms. From design contests to using social media platforms for the opinion of other people, you can spread a word related to your business. 

One of the simplest and easiest ways is to share the designs on your social media pages to run a survey and voting. Doing this, you can get the views and opinions of the other people as well as generate publicity for your start-up.

Access to a global pool of talents

While you are working with a graphic design service providing company, they will dedicate a designer to you who will be responsible for your business designs and will show you not more than two to three designs to choose from. But, crowdsourcing is different. They have multiple designers and your design contest can attract a lot of designers who may have different creative ideas, different levels of skills, and come from different backgrounds. It is a global pool of talent which you can easily access without paying an extra penny.

DesignBro is one of the crowdsourcing platforms which is an online graphic design marketplace that only allows the best 5% designers to join and work with clients. Typically, crowdsourced platforms tend to get started by people specifically focused on technology, they have an easier time reimagining an industry, as they don’t need to overthink the model from the inside out. DesignBro’s founder, Christiaan Huynen, on the other hand, is a third-generation Design Agency owner and believes that graphic design is ripe for distribution.