All you need to know about Jimmy Wanjigi

To many citizens of Kenya, the name Jimmy Wanjigi oozes affluence, wealth and Government connections that never run out. This Kenyan billionaire lives a fairy tale life that most Africans can only dream about but before Jimmy came to the spotlight, his public profile was low key and mysterious. The following post covers the lucrative deals and businesses that contribute to Jimmy Wanjigi net worth.

Jimmy Wanjigi is an affluent man. The tender legend has been slowly building his business empire over the years. And while his father Maina Wanjigi laid the groundwork for him, Jimmy has used his extensive business deals to be one of the most influential and richest men in Kenya.

The main person that set up Jimmy for financial success was his father. Jimmy’s father James Maina Wanjigi went to the prestigious alliance high school and Makarere University before proceeding to further his studies in America at Stanford University. Maina also has long affiliations with the Government which started when he served as the first director of settlement after independence with a role of overseeing land redistribution. He then went on to serve as a Government minister under the Kenyatta and Moi regime.

Jimmy then went on to marry Irene Nzisa who also lives a low key but luxurious life. Irene Nzisa sister Victoria Mwendwa is married to the chairman NEMA board of management Maluki Mwendwa. Maluki Mwenda is the son of Katili Mwendwa who is Kenya’s first African Chief Justice and Nyiva Mwendwa the first woman to serve as a cabinet minister. Jimmy’s uncle Joseph Magari who was the Minister of Finance during the Moi era is also believed to have helped Wanjigi get access to security project worth billions and other business deals.

One thing to note about the Wanjigi family is that apart from their impressive credentials and family background, they all study abroad. In fact, Jimmy enrolled in a Canadian Institute in 1982. This is after he finished his high school education at St Mary’s high school the same school that President Uhuru Kenyatta went to. Irene and Jimmy are blessed with two children who study in Switzerland at the prestigious Institute Le Rosey often referred to as the school of kings. This institute is one of the most expensive in the world and a preferred choice for world’s richest parents including kings and princes. Not many people know about their two children as their life is private and just like their mother who rarely appear in the public spotlight.

Jimmy Wanjigi businesses

When it comes to wealth and riches, many people often marvel at how Jimmy Wanjigi came to be so rich. Well everyone has to start somewhere, and Jimmy Wanjigi riches and wealth has been linked to the multi-billion Government tenders and the Kwach group of businesses. However, his business empire doesn’t just end there. The Nairobi based businessman is also the owner of the Tyl Limited. Before his financial success, Jimmy started by working in his father’s company located in Westlands. This was immediately after he returned from Canada where he was studying at the University of York. The information about any of the Jimmy Wanjigi businesses is very low key just like his personal life. However, Tyl limited cut deals that can amount to billions of shillings. Jimmy has also been linked to a multimillion telecommunication business which was involved in installing data services. The business tycoon also has lucrative deals with various Chinese companies from which he gets a percentage of any projects that he brings their way.

Jimmy Wanjigi wealth

While Jimmy’s wealth is estimated to be in the billions category, he has been able to amass massive wealth for over a decade. Until recently, Jimmy was just an ordinary ambitious man but because of rubbing shoulders with politicians and other business moguls he has been able to accumulate a fat bank account. His most prominent business deals are access to major tenders from the Government that can rake in millions of shillings and business cuts that he gets through his other company Tyl limited. The life of this Kenyan tycoon proves that you can have it all power, wealth, family and even close allies.

Among his expensive lifestyle perhaps what stands out is the helicopter operated by the Lady Lori Limited an American company owned by Jimmy and Lori de Nooyer. What’s to note is that the aviation register lists the owner of the helicopter as Tyl Limited of UAE, a shell company whose sole beneficiary is Mr. Wanjigi.

The influence of this Kenyan billionaire goes as far as the parastatals, politics, security and military sector just to mention a few. And many believe that his money allows him the extensive influence that he has on every lucrative part of Kenyan economy including the political scene.

Jimmy Wanjigi house

Among his high-status possession is the multimillion Muthaiga property which is located next to that of the US ambassador. He is also the joint administrator of the Sunil Behal’s estate. He also a mansion in Malinda located on an estate considered to be occupied by the rich citizens of Kenya. All the houses owned by Jimmy scream comfort and more especially the one at Muthaiga 44 road which has a modern security system, green pine trees, various well-furnished rooms and décor that fits the status of a billionaire. No wonder his close friends equate him to James Bond.

Jimmy Wanjigi cars

During his early year, Jimmy opened a classy office on the Ukulima plaza 5th floor. Every morning he would drive to work with luxurious cars which included a red Mercedes and a silver Benz. Recently, Jimmy has been spotted with a Rolls Royce that is estimated to cost over 30 million Kenya shillings. Together with his expensive lifestyle, resources and wealth, this Kenyan tycoon definitely has a taste for the finer things in life.